Blink multiple light switches when door is left open

Hi there. Here’s what I’m trying to do

If a door sensor is left open for more than a minute, id like to turn on, turn off, on, turn off, on, turn off a few light switches. If the door is not closed a minute later, blink the lights again. The lights are connected to dimmers, so the lights should also be set to 100% prior to flashing.

Ive tried flasher, flasher ii, left it open, virtual switches, but can’t figure out how I can make this happen.

Your help in reminding my kids to close the door would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have the flashing light setup like yours but have a look at rule machine apps to see if it’s applicable to your scenario.

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Thank you for your reply. Rule machine doesn’t seem to have the ability to do what Im looking for.

I have the same exact need and plan to write an app hopefully this weekend. If I get it done I’ll post a link to the source on github.

My daughter keeps leaving our baby gate open that we use to keep our new dog from going upstairs.

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Thanks Herb! It would greatly be appreciated! I am new to smart things, about 1 week. Do you have any resources you can point me to that I could use to learn about making my own smart apps, discovering what commands/features a particular device is capable of, syntax, etc.

Thank you again

having trouble getting flashing to work reliably due to throttle limitations, or smartthings cloud problems.

java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution time exceeded 20 app execution seconds: 178616629935546 @ line 108

Current code relies on expected events happening, and if they dont then everything just stopps.

still working on it.

@Tom_Kalinoski see how this works out for you…


That worked! Thank you so much. This feature is so helpful in our home. Than you again!

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Thanks Herb, I used this to blink 3 of my house lights when my mail is delivered.

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Glad you guys found it useful!


I think the app malfunctioned. The last two times the door was closed, the lights ended up flashing. a minute later, they flashed again, and again. Once i opened the door and then closed it again, the lights stopped flashing. The door was closed at the time. In addition, the sensor was reporting closed, in the smart things app. Any thoughts?

I had a similar experience. I thought my door sensor wasn’t working well given the position so I ripped it off and intended to reattach later but never got around to it. Now I’m thinking there’s a bug that prevents the door close event from fully executing.

I’ll take a closer look at the code in the next day or two and keep ou posted.

These smart apps are really difficult to test.

@Tom_Kalinoski I updated the code in github. It should fix the problem you mentioned.