Blinds/Shades/Curtain Control - No solutions for us EU Smartthings owners?

In my case, I started originally with ST… when they were a Kickstarter proyect and stuck with them! Love the system! Only using domoticz for this one particular use case… while ST comes up with a way to interact with somfy… I’ll be ditching domoticz that day! Lol!

It works well with the fibaro using the dimmer meter, just make sure you have done the calibration process correctly with the fibaro and your motor. With that you can go up, down and set them to a certain level (%).

hi there I have a fibaro fgrm-222 and dooya curtain motor. How do I do the calibration between the motor and the fibaro. At the moment I have added the fibaro to smartthings as a dimmer but when I turn it on or off the motor only spins for like a second so curtains do not fully open of close. also the dimmer slider does exactly the same. thanks

I’ve been using a motor sold by for the last couple of years although it doesn’t look like he has any available at the moment.

It has X10 automation support, but I have just been using a timer switch - every time you apply power it swaps ends, so if open it closes and vice versa. Apply power for a minute each time and then power down and you are sorted - of course you don’t know which state it is in as there is no feedback.

Just been running with a simple timer switch here, but no reason why a smartthings controlled power outlet couldn’t be used.

I got one of these a month or so back. For the basic fully opened fully closed operation it’s great and we’ve been using it to control vertical blinds through smartthings via the rm2/bridge, it’s not the nicest looking thing and it’s quite noisy but for the price its good value for money :slight_smile: but we like our blinds at ¼ or ¾ sometimes and it’s quite difficult to achieve that reliably through smartthings :frowning:

Thinking about going for the more expensive one that’s £75 on eBay, it seems that may allow more control and status through a pi3 (if anyone could chip in to confirm if it could be integrated into smartthings one way or another it would be very much appreciated! Bitbucket )

you can try sub-section D from Calibration section from the link below:

How did you add the stop button to the code you used?

My biggest problem is that I cant calibrate the darn thing because I have no physical switch connected to it… With the code you posted I am able to turn on and off (curtain moves up and down) however if I do not stop it at approx 90% it sort of hits the top and then falls down to about 65…that wasnt a problem with VERA as I had a scene “curtains up” which stopped at 90%.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi! What do you suggest works better for DOOYA Vertical shades?
Fibaro Roller Shuter or AOTEC Micro motor controler? It would be great if:

-Stop button
-Not only full open or full close but 50% or something


If you are looking for a retro-fit solution to make your curtains smart, you might want to check out this Kickstarter project:

They promise ST interaction through IFTTT, but with an open API, getting it to run natively in ST shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

My dooya curtains are already motorized and hav 433.97mhz remote control.

Yes, but the point of that Kickstarter project is that you can motorize existing dumb curtains without changing anything in your existing setup. So no new curtain rails etc to buy.

Hi all,

Very new here, and loving my ST.
I’m currently in contact with these guys,
They have something coming out next week which will work with Alexa (apparently).
Their domestic website is this, where you can also get prices on motorised blinds etc.

Next week I hope to find out how they’ll work and any hardware requirements needed.


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How about Somfy z-wave blinds

Could these be made to work?

These are US-only modules and sadly US zWave devices use different frequencies than their European counterparts…

Do they work for US Hubs? Im looking for shades that I can operate both by the ST HUB but also with remote control

Looks great, I’ve put my name down for some, anyone else?

There seems to be another option available soon

I have an UK STv2 hub and acquired the Somfy Z-WAVE2RTS controller in EU frequency. Pairing is painless and so far it has been detected as a dimmable light switch (duh).

Funnily it can only respond to ON (fully open) and OFF (fully close) commands.

Gonna work on some tiles to see how far I can bring this to. Wish me luck!

Where did you get one from ?

I have somfy rts blinds in 3 rooms and been looking at solutions for this, I really didn’t want to go down another hub route I already have too many.