Blinds/Shades/Curtain Control - No solutions for us EU Smartthings owners?

Thanks for the suggestion @sidjohn1 but I need a solution to pull up the whole blind. This won’t work on curtains, I suppose?

I have 5 of the fibaro roller shutter devices installed already, desperately waiting for them to be supported. Full up and down works. Nothing in between. Don’t understand we they don’t just integrate them. Probably less than half a days work for a developer.

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Can Smartthings Staff give some pointers please?

Smart things staff don’t officially review these forums. You can write to and ask that way. Or perhaps @aaron can find out for you.

There are two options I know of, although they are more costly than some of the others. First, Serena shades from Lutron don’t integrate directly with smartthings, but both smartthings and Lutron Serena have an IFTTT channel and you can get quite good indirect integration that way. I know these window coverings are available in the UK, but I don’t know what pricing is likely to be. I believe you have to get them from an authorised Lutron partner.

Second, you can use Logitech Harmony as a “man in the middle” for indirect integration. You could get in touch with them to see what UK window covering options they support. There is an official smartthings/harmony integration so basically anything you can do in a Harmony activity you can integrate with SmartThings.

I don’t know anything about this particular contractor, but this does a good job of showing the line.

You can find official suppliers on the Lutron site:

Also, If you’re willing to put something together yourself, there are people using a combination of a standard curtain motor and the Fibaro zwave blinds controller. There’s an article about it here:

And there have been one or two community members who have posted about it. It’s one of those projects that’s straight forward without being simple. And of course, you would be using SmartThings rather than Vera.

Finally, the following fairly recent thread discusses a number of different options with some input from UK members. Most of these are based on the same idea: purchase one standard curtain motor and then control it with a separate device that can communicate with smartthings.

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[quote=“JDRoberts, post:6, topic:47599, full:true”]
Second, you can use Logitech Harmony as a “man in the middle” for indirect integration. [/quote]

Logitech Harmony Hub + Somfy URTSI II is something I am exploring now. The problem is there is not much info out there on successful integrations.

This is my most preferred and cheapest solutions. But Fibaro FGRM-222 cannot be integrated into Smartthings, officially and unofficially.

Smartthings updated their Z wave from where in late 2014, and the V2 hub was updated yet again as all of those hubs are Z Wave plus. :sunglasses:

Consequently, there are a number of members using the FGRM 222 with unofficial integrations, although I’m not sure they can access all features…

You also have the option to just add it as a Z wave dimmer, which gives you on off and setting it to a percentage which is enough for a lot of people.

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I should add that the Z wave protocol requires that every certified device accept a “basic” command (that’s a Z wave term) which typically means on/off.

For this reason, it’s very common for a Z wave set up to include new devices simply as a switch until custom code is written to support them. It works fine in a lot of circumstances. It might be a water valve, it might be an in wall relay, it might be a lightbulb.

A dimmer switch is also used as a generic that includes a percentage change. Sometimes it will be used for a thermostat, sometimes for a motor control, sometimes for a fan.

So defining the Fibaro blind control as a dimmer for now is pretty standard practice. That then gives you on, off, and set to a percentage, which again is often enough for many use cases.

There may be a lot of other features that the manufacturer has included that you’d like to get to eventually, but as long as it certified for Z wave, you should be able to get this basic functionality.

Thanks @JDRoberts

I was just reading the same post you quoted. Having read the FGRM-222 manual, I am almost sure that functionality will not be 100% in Smartthings. Oh well, maybe I’ll just use this as a platform for my Groovy lessons.

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Yeah, it all comes down to exactly the features you want and the amount of time, money and effort effort you want to put into getting those features. :sunglasses:

BTW, as far as learning groovy, SmartThings uses its own groovy variant and since you can’t load your own libraries, you’re kind of stuck with their idiosyncrasies. Again, that may be enough for what you want especially if what you want is to develop within the smartthings ecosystem. If you’re interested in learning groovy for other projects, I would go to a more open environment and use standard groovy.

I Use the fibaro firm-222 with no problem on my window shades.
the only thing I did was setting up the device handler - “zwave metering dimmer” and adding a ‘stop’ commend.

works grate for my needs.
Gil :slight_smile:


Hi @gilh

How do you set parameters on the FGRM-222? Default settings may not be suitable for me… :sweat:

Hi @teohwk,
I didn’t needed to changed any parameters, the defaults was good for me…
So I can’t really help you there, Sorry… :pensive:

Gil :slight_smile:

Another option to control RTS (Somfy), IO and other devices is the TaHoma box:

It’s not cheap but it works and I just created the SmartThings integration:

I’m using (in Spain) somfy shades with RTS coupled with a Raspberry Pi with domoticz installed… then a few apps/device handlers by @dudz40 to connect them to ST… works perfect!

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I’m curious why people with domoticz bother with smartthings. I’m no expert in that system but doesn’t domoticz have everything you already need in an HA system?

In my case, I started originally with ST… when they were a Kickstarter proyect and stuck with them! Love the system! Only using domoticz for this one particular use case… while ST comes up with a way to interact with somfy… I’ll be ditching domoticz that day! Lol!

It works well with the fibaro using the dimmer meter, just make sure you have done the calibration process correctly with the fibaro and your motor. With that you can go up, down and set them to a certain level (%).