Blind motor for ST?

Does anyone know of a vertical blind controller that works with SmartThings and is available in the UK? More bothered by the twist than the pull, but both would be nice. Ideally would be groupable, as I have bay windows.

I don’t know of any “great” options available today, but I am a part of the FlipFlic project whose Kickstarter has surpassed goal funding. My role is SmartThings integration, so … :wink:

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Will it ship to the UK? Also will it work with the UK hub - I take because its on ZigBee it’ll be fine?


Yes… Yay for ZigBee!

I’ve seen this and I’d love to back it, but my blinds are the pull string type. So, I’m waiting on that design…

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Very interested in this. My blinds slide left to right so I would need to mount the filpflic on some kind of slider or something. Once it is out, I may buy just to see if I can rig something together to make it work :slight_smile:

Wish we had the long sunny days that would justify opening the blinds for more than 5 minutes a day :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here. Otherwise, the FlipFlic looks perfect for my needs.

Can always just replace the mechanism inside to convert from cords to a rod though. E.g.