Updated: "FlipFlic" smart blinds Kickstarter launched 3/29

Hello all,

Ive been following the progress of the FlipFlic (Previously: Comfee/Jalouiser) window covering solution for over a year now and they have made some fantastic ground in regards to a Retro-Fit tilt mechanism and received funding from angel investors on 2 stages i believe to assist on the development of this product to cater for different styles of window coverings and more functionality, now Beta Testing models have been sent out to initial Kickstarter users & other companies and they are looking now to work on an integration for SmartThings so that when they hit the retail market, it is a solution that integrates directly with SmartThings from the off.

However they are eager to recruit someone from within the community to help them on this project and are willing to discuss any and all options to make this viable for both you (possibly?) and them.

Here is the brief outline i was sent to forward on:

FlipFlic (http://www.flipflic.com/) is the smart blinds controller that allows to automate ordinary window blinds in seconds and with no tools. It provides for smart daylighting, comfort, as well as additional security and energy savings. It works as a standalone and can integrated into smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee. FlipFlic is the first alternative to expensive and non-efficient motorized window blinds, as it is smart, affordable and dead easy to install.

We have BLE and ZigBee on board. BLE firmware is up and running, so you can schedule and set the device from your app. In ZigBee we have our chip programmed as Light Switch.

As an end device FlipFlic shall use two roles:

Light Bulb (Device Works As An Actuator)

  • -At command “switch light bulb ON” the device shall send via SPI byte of code corresponding to “OPEN”, e.g. 0x00.

  • At command “switch light bulb OFF” the device shall send via SPI byte of code corresponding to “CLOSE”, e.g. 0xFF.

  • Send command from Dimmer, like “On for 30%” “On for 40%”, etc” and send digital value to SPI, e.g. 0x1E, 0x28.

Light Switch (Draft Firmware Ready)

  • At sufficient ambient light intensity level CC2530 via SPI receives byte 0x03 and will send to ZigBee coordinator command “to switch light OFF”;

  • At insufficient ambient light level CC2530 via SPI receives byte 0x01 and will send to ZigBee coordinator command “to switch light ON”.

Additional data we would need to transfer to ST hub:

  • from two light sensors (indoor/outdoor) graduated from 0 to 255;
  • from temperature sensor graduated in C;
  • from Battery Status sensor graduated from 0 to 5;
  • from counter of slats position graduated from 0 to 16000 steps.

and ST hub shall accordingly:

  • use data from light sensors to switch ON/OFF the light according to occupancy as well;
  • use data from temperature sensor and light sensors to OPEN/CLOSE window blinds or to adjust slats - position as their position is known;
  • use data from battery status sensor to warn on low value;
  • graphically show slats position on the manual mode interface screen;
  • include blinds positioning to scheduling and scenes;

They have recently relocated to: SF, USA
(and will consider remote/in-house help as well)

For more info and to get involved, please contact:

CEO, Founder FlipFlic
(415) 6046690

PS: I have no business relationship or associations with FlipFlic, im just a very eager follower who identified early to them that i wanted to see SmartThings integration to which they had already shown interest in doing so, and as Ksenia is a new user on here she was unable to make the topic so i opted to do it for her in the interest of hopefully getting this off the ground.


Thank you, Kyle! I really appreciate your help. Looking forward to getting to know more ST developers and please feel free to ask any questions!


@kseniavinogrado - Has any of the fantastic developers on here been in touch in regards to this project.

@tgauchat / @jody.albritton / @Ben / @April / @Kristopher / @smart / @slagle / @sidjohn1 - you guys all have a much much richer knowledge base of every developers skills and interests on here having been her much longer than myself, do you think anyone in particular or are any of yourselves interested in this funded integration project?


Yup… I sent an introductory note to @kseniavinogrado.

I’m pretty sure I can fill their requirements and we’re both in San Francisco!

Thanks very much for the lead and encouragement, Kyle!!


Happy to help wherever i can :blush:

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Looks real sweet and we’ll thought out. I would be happy to write an ST device as well


Team work makes the dream work :slight_smile:


Hi Kristopher, Thank you for the feedback! Could you please write me to ksenia@flipflic.com so I could share more details with you?

@AutomateEverything Thanks Kyle for the mention with those big names. I am unfortunately in NY/NJ area and currently malfunctioning (seriously). :frowning:

Will be glad to contribute at my level as and when time permits and health holding up.

I received my controllers today! I’m ready to get started but I have not being able to find the iPhone app to install it and scan my devices’ QR codes.

I believe it had to have some tweaks to pass apples proccess and will be available in the next few days

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Little video of it in action, looks great !!!


Is that video available anywhere else? Dropbox link doesn’t work anymore. The flipflic website doesn’t have any videos of the product, only a few pics and honestly I’m having trouble picturing how it works. Also I’m confused as their website says their kickstarter campaign starts in 6 days. @kseniavinogrado can you update us? Thanks.

FlipFlic’s Kickstarter is now set to start on March 29th.
It will have an updated video and lots of other details.

Let me know if you have any questions; Ksenia may answer, but they’re pretty busy getting ready for the big launch, so I might be able to help answer some questions sooner.

Thanks, Terry. I guess I was confused because this thread was referencing a prior kickstarter campaign and some backers having received these units. What’s the current timeline like?

The upcoming Kickstarter is a revised iteration of the product (3rd Generation). Smaller, looks better, improved App, and various other things you’d expect after the real-world feedback they were able to obtain.

Official SmartThings integration is also likely to be in scope.

I think the campaign is quite “realistic” (I can vouch for the prototypes I’ve seen in person), but best for me to not give too many details until the campaign is published / launched in case there are any changes. Patience is important for Kickstarter Backers of any project.


Therein lies the problem for me :grin:

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye out for their kickstarter page.

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A non-developer question…
My whole house has the 1" slim blinds, will this work with them?

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If they use a twist-rod / wand to adjust the tilt, then I strongly believe so. Look for confirmation when KS launches.