Blind control with Sunrise/Sunset?

I have a Z-Wave blind controller (Zipato Micro Module Motor Control) that integrates just fine and is recognized as a blind controller. All functions works as expected. I want to automate open close at Sunrise and Sunset but only specific time is supported in the standard controls. I haven’t found a smartapp that has this feature for blind control.

Anyone have an ideas of how to implement this simple capability. I am technical but many years since I have written code.


Don’t know if it works for you.

Install the App “Smart Lighting” from the Automation tab and then add a Smart App. It is in the Light and Switches section.

There you can add a scene. Try if you can choose the blinds.

Define open and close at sunrise and sunset.

Grtn Ben


I tried to use the Smart Lighting" smart app, but the blinds were not able to be picked. I will see if I can create a scene where I add it. Thanks!

It used to be the optimal answer was just alter your DTH or use a Virtual DTH to have your Blinds look like a Dimmer Switch instead.

There’s really no need for Blinds to be treated differently than a Lightbulb.


  • Works instantly with any SmartApp that support lighting (e.g., Smart Lighting, ActionTiles)
  • Works instantly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Works with Scenes and Routines and SHM
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Thanks. You said “used to be”, is there a better option now? I am very surprised no one has developed a smartapp for blinds that has sunrise/sunset.

I still think pretending to be a Light (Dimmer Switch) is the best option.

But Scenes now support Blinds directly, and Scenes can be called from Routines.

Maybe an overkill for the requested, but have a look, Ideas for controlling blinds based on weather?.

I use a luminance sensor to control my blinds.

I’ve tried that but seems very hit and miss.

Tried the routines using the blinds but that doesn’t work either. Very odd, strange things to automate blinds are, even treating them as a switch.