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Blanking off a light switch (UK)


(Andy - United Kingdom) #21

I bought these…

Although they show black ones the listing is actually for white ones
They work really well to stop people switching off my Hue bulbs


I got one of these 3D printed.

(Steve) #23

why not use appropriate sized choc blocs (screw terminals) and actually use a blank face place?

Cost a few quid and will look better than trying to make a cover for the existing switch!

(Andy - United Kingdom) #24

Two reason…
What if you need to manually switch it when ST is offline?
I don’t think that ‘code’ allows it to be unswitched :slight_smile:


Why not use fibaro zwave relays?

You can use it via smartthings and can also switch manually.

(J Hayward) #26

Ideal solution mhgbay to replace existing switches with fish key switches and either then mask them with a removable fascia or just site your hue tap etc on top so it’s removable in an emergency, giving access to the key switch underneath:

(Neil Mc Rae) #27

How do you wire this emergency switch? Can’t see any diagram on the website

(Neil Mc Rae) #28

I have 3 wires behind my plug

(Khaled Qari) #29

Please explain more

(Ploddy1) #30

Hi had same problem with blanking active switches so just got blanking plates and drilled two holes in face to allow switch to be turned on and off with a matchstick underneath


This always seemed like a neat solution to me:

Disclaimer - never actually used them. Fibaro modules and regular switches for me all the way. But if I were to go with Hue, this would probably be my preferred solution. Mainly because the actual switch remains easily accessible if you have issues.


I’m currently debating whether to go with those Samotech covers + Hue Dimmers so that the wired switch is still accessible and functional, or if I should remove the existing switches and replace them with these:

I’m trying to think of a situation where I’d need to be able to fully switch off the light circuit rather than just turning off the Hue Bulb wirelessly. As someone already said, there’s always the circuit breaker box…

Another option is this guy who 3D prints covers that hold the Hue Dimmer: