Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 29 - December 2, 2019)


Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Buy 3 for $57 with code DOT3PACK.

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Buy 2 for $89.99 with code SHOW52PK Discount reflected at checkout.


Deal of the Day at Home Depot… Schlage and Kwikset locks

But do the prices appear higher or am I just crazy?

And today, a new lower price on the August Pro + Connect

  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect WiFi Bridge $149 - $44.70 w/ code 30OFF-CS-B4SQF3 = $104.30
  • August Smart Keypad $59 - $20 w/ code SAVE20 = $39

Sorry if this was already posted, but it just popped up For me yesterday…

If you order through an Echo device, you can get one (and only one) Amazon WiFi Smart Plug for $4.99. No other purchase required. Only orders placed through Alexa get the $20 discount.

These are not directly compatible with ST, but you can use the Echo routine method to turn it on and off from ST.

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?


Amazon - Countdown to Cyber Monday

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Too good to be true. Code not valid anymore.

Lesson for Black Friday - you snooze, you lose! :slight_smile:

Many of the deals are limited time deals or while quantities last


Nest Protect $60 at select Target stores (Dec 1st only)

Cyber Monday ads


Best Buy

Sam’s Club


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August Lock + Connect Bridge is back to $120 until the end of hte day on Amazon. Black or silver options!

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Yeah, that’s near the lowest it’s ever been. Do they have a new model coming out?

except it was $104.30 on two days ago :slight_smile: for a very limited time

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Hmmmm… They are very hard to search FCC announcements on both because “August“ is such a random name and because Yale has a ton of devices. It just feels like an inventory clear out. But I could be wrong.

Anyone notice the Sonos One SL was $129 today at most retailers?

August has a WiFi lock coming out. That’s all I’ve seen.

It was around $104 yesterday.


Just an observation:

On Cyber Monday, ordered three similar items. One from target, one from Amazon, one from Best Buy. All promised two day delivery.

The Amazon item arrived when promised.

The target item has had two delivery change dates, is now promised for “by December 9” but looks like it may arrive tomorrow, which would be two days late.

The Best Buy item had a delivery change date to the third day, missed that, and now looks like it will arrive five days late.

I had the same experience last year but for Christmas shopping.

I’m not saying the other companies are always late, but I am saying Amazon is almost always on time and that’s not true of the competition. Especially during high-volume time frames. :wink:


One of the items I ordered from Amazon was really, really strange. Ordered on Thanksgiving and the next day it was shown as undeliverable and was being returned to Amazon. It showed up yesterday anyway, 3 days late.

It is not often, but do see more and more late deliveries from Amazon. One item I ordered in November never showed up and I had to do a refund request.