Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 26-29, 2021)

If you have a Costco membership, some of their Black Friday sales just went live. Not all of these have a direct integration with smartthings, although you may be able to use Ifttt or Alexa routines as a partial intermediary, so do your research before buying. good prices on most of these. :sunglasses:. You will need to sign in with your Costco membership to see the prices.

phyn whole house leak detection, $499
Philips Hue white and color, 4 bulbs for $99.99
Rachio Smart Sprinkler system, $149
First Alert Zwave Smoke Detectors, 3 pack, $79.99
Ecobee Thermostat bundle with one remote temperature sensor and one window open/close sensor, Model EB-STATE3LTVP2-01, $139.99

Feit devices do not work with smartthings, but you can use Alexa as an intermediary for a partial integration For some models.

APC Back-UPS 450 Standby UPS, Black (BN450M) $29.99

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Nice JD. Do you have a link for the z-wave smokes, they don’t come up under that URL/keyword.

Looks like they’ve sold out of those. :disappointed_relieved:

Meross has a small air purifier with a $20 discount on Amazon, with both SmartThings and HomeKit Integration.

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Today only, bundle price at over 40% off for 8” fire tablet plus echo buds or fire tablet plus wireless charging stand.

This is a popular size for use as a control panel/dashboard with the ST app or one of the third party apps like ActionTiles or SharpTools.

Or ear buds included:

Recent Discussion thread

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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub $160

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock $180

SwitchBot button pusher is almost half off at Amazon, down to $20.01.

You will need their mini hub for integration with SmartThings. That’s also on sale, at $27.

The buttons are Bluetooth to the mini hub, then the hub is WiFi to the internet and cloud to cloud to ST.

I use these in my own home to retrofit some dumb devices, including a mini blender and the eject button on the DVD player. I wrote a review for this forum in 2020.

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or SmartThings app

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Sengled has several Black Friday deals at Amazon on their Zigbee devices, including a 4 pack of E12 RGBW candelabra bulbs for $57.

These work well with a SmartThings/Aeotec hub in place of their own hub.

Like all Sengled bulbs, these are NOT Zigbee repeaters. They also do not work with a Hue bridge. But this model is still Zigbee and does work with an ST hub.

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Only 10% off, but the Sunbeam WiFi mattress pad is now in stock lots of places, including Amazon. $113 with discount for the queen size. Integration with ST through Alexa routines. Voice control via Alexa or Google. Some people report the blanket version is cheapest at Walmart.


We’ve had ours for about a month and really like it. Unlike earlier models from other brands this one WILL let you preheat remotely, although if you set the heat above level 4 (of 10), it will turn itself off after 60 minutes if you don’t confirm by pressing the physical controller. But you can also put it on a schedule. So fully handsfree control and you can turn it on and off from ST by using Alexa routines as an intermediary. :sleeping:

As I noted in the discussion thread, the queen and king size have two zones you can control independently with the app or the physical controller, but Alexa treats it as one zone. Didn’t matter to us, but it will to some people.

Just crawled into bed and it is freezing.... how do I change that? - #25 by JDRoberts

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30% Off ActionTiles License

30% Black Friday sale, now through Cyber Monday! No coupon necessary.

Custom dashboard solution for SmartThings. Free 14-day trial available.

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The Meross Air Purifier that @JDRoberts posted earlier has dropped to $102 (27% off)

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I see that, unlike the Levoit I also mentioned, the Meross unit cannot be shipped to California.

Since this is a pretty new device, that most likely means it just hasn’t completely the California certification process yet. Otherwise it would mean it emits too much ozone, but I don’t see anything in the specs that would likely cause that. :thinking:

Some good stuff…


any idea if this will go on sale again before Christmas?
I’d like to give this as a gift. What would be the best way to do that?