Black Friday & Cyber Monday (November 23-26, 2018)

open to price suggestions if I get the Nest

I’m not surprised. Lowe’s recently announced that it’s searching for a buyer for Iris. I’m guessing Lowe’s is clearing out inventory.

Bunch of items today at Home Depot deal of the day…

Wow - – $199 for the August pro with the Connect is a really good price! The lowest camel Camel camel has it ever at Amazon was $219. No wonder they’re limiting each purchaser to five.


@TheSmartestHouse . These sales better be freakin amazing, I’ve been keeping my powder dry for when? midnight!!!


Cyber Monday is live:



Sweet! Just placed my order!

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I got mine , now what to do, what to do…, hmmmm



Thank you I placed my order. I can not wait to try these switches on some 3 and 4 way setups I have and only use 1 smart switch.

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Ecobee room sensor 2 pack for 39.50. Below is Amazon link but Best Buy has same deal. Amazon also has some 5 dollar credit for using the camera app but I haven’t been able to make it work yet. Been watching for these to go on sale forever but the wife gave me the rolling eyes after my Rachio and Google WiFi purchase this weekend.

EDIT: Sold out at Amazon. Still at Best Buy.

$115.50 Now

The Small Business Saturday deal on the ZEN20 was nice … picked up two of them. Looks like they’re back in stock, but a little higher in price for CM … still a good deal, though :+1:

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Cyber Monday Special:
August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Keypad for just $249 ($89 off)

Use promo code CYBERMONDAY2018

Lowes also has them for $39.50. Add a 10% off coupon and you’re at $35.55 plus tax. I already have 7 remote sensors but couldn’t resist buying 2 more at this price.

Today only, Target offers the Nest Hello Smart WiFi Video Doorbell for $179. Add to cart to cut the price to $152.15. With free shipping,

Target also has 15% off EVERYTHING today.

Harmony Hub for $49.99 at Amazon

At Best Buy as well


OOS BestBuy, Lowes & Amazon. Shockingly enough Home Depot is price matching & was able to order 2 pairs. Now where to put them lol.

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Anyone have any experience with the Samsung leak sensors? I’m building a new house and they are $15.29 each if you buy 5 on Samsungs website.

Sounds like a good price, no experience tho :slight_smile:

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