BigTalker 2.x send to a BT speaker or Alexa Dot


I just heard of BigTalker and was interested in adding a front door “ding dong” using BigTalker to say “Front door now open” and vice versa for closed. However, i noticed that if I am playing music either using the Spotify app via spotify connect to Sonos OR playing music through Sonos the resuming music feature in BigTalker doesn’t work to continue playing. This is of course referring to when the output of BigTalker is also going to come out of the speakers that I am playing music from.

Now i believe that there is a prexisiting limitation to resuming music if i am using spotify connect with Sonos as i can see the complicatedness that will arise when BigTalker tries to resume after it has broken the connection with Spotify. However, i was suprised that it didn’t work when i was playing Spotify using the Sonos app.

Nevertheless, I think i would prefer having a dedicated BT speaker that is a cheap small one that can be used for these types of annoucements, in fact it would be great if it would come out of Alexa dots as those speakers are Loud-ish but never used so perfect for general annoucements.

Anyone have this working? Is BigTalker still the SmartApp to use for this? Or can i use another app? I have webCoRE so i am free to write any piston to do the text to speech and then send it over to a speaker.

Well i think i answered my own question by doing some more googling. It appears that Lannouncer, as i suspected would work. Now to only buy a cheap Fire TV tablet. It would be nice if i could do this using webCore as Software is Freedom!

I summarized the install process for LANnouncer which might help.

You may also want to take a look at the Fabriq speaker that has built-in Alexa and works as a DNLA speaker:

Thanks! Would BigTalker send to this Fabriq DLNA BT speaker since it is Wifi?

I don’t personally have one of these but I do believe that BigTalker will see it as music player. When you first install BigTaker, it will ask you to configure it with a music player or TTS device.