Sonos and Big Talker Will Not Resume Playing

Just got home with a shiny new Sonos speaker. I have setup some events using Big Talker however the resume playing function does not work. I am using Spotify, Sonos Play 1, and Big Talker smart app. Please Help!

I have the same problem. Merely changing the volume in the Sonos app after the Big Talker event pauses Spotify, resumes play, though.

I will try other music services later and see if they have the same issue.

You might try BigTalker 2.0 (development version) and see if the issue is still present. I should be releasing this version soon with minor adjustments from it’s current development state. I addressed issues found in the latest 1.1.12 release in the 2.0 development branch.

The discussion thread for Big Talker 2.0 is here.

The parent app code is here.
The child app code is here.

Publish the parent, save the child (in the IDE).

BigTalker 2.0 has been released from the development branch to the main release branch.
Documentation has been posted here:
ST Community forum has been posted here: [Release] BigTalker 2.x

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