Beware SkylinkNet!

I realize that they stuck link in the middle, but the name of this product, SKY link NET, gives me some pause.


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I see you’ve been reading the IFTTT newsletter that came out today. :sunglasses:

Skylink is a long established company, I’ve mentioned their automatic door opener products on the forums a number of times because they’re quite good and very affordable relative to most of what’s out there.

They also have some for 433 MHz switches, pocket sockets, etc. They’ve been around for probably 20 years. At least all of the products that I’ve looked at have been ETL listed. Their DIY security system is quite popular because it’s one of the few with an automatic dialer option.

They have a new IFTTT channel which would give you some SmartThings integration.

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Do the skylinknet motion sensors work with ST?

Not directly. They have an IFTTT channel, so you can get some integration that way. But you have to have th skylinknet hub as well, as that’s the piece that talks to IFTTT.