[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

Will there be a DC motor version? Also can you use the module and not the switch?

Great question – unfortunately there are no plans for a DC version right now. I would be curious to understand the demand for a DC version, but from what we looked at in stores, most fans are AC, so we opted for AC only (it was too hard and costly to have an interchangeable version).

As for just using the module, unfortunately this is not possible (man, I am the bearer of bad news today!) as well because the Z-Wave portion lives in the switch itself. The switch sends an RF signal to the module to turn on/off/dim, etc. So, without the switch, there would be no way for the module to receive any signals.

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@Eric_Inovelli on another note, are you guys working on creating Edge drivers?
I do have an older Inovelli dimmer with scenes, that i would hate to loose functioning as is working without any issues (NZW31S).

We definitely are :slight_smile: – we’ve been very close to the engineers over at ST and our CTO is writing the drivers himself (he also wrote the device handlers).


The fan market seems to be slowly switching to DC, so this may be something you want to look into again.

any idea when there will be stock again?

So this had been working for well over a year. Had a power outage at my home and the fans and lights refuse to work. So I try to delete them and re-add them. They no longer show up in the new smarthings app. I can get the light to flash 5 times as it tries to connect. But no devices are showing up in the new smarthings app.

What are they doing over at samsung things always worked under the classic app and this new app has been nothing but headaches.

Has anyone been able to get this to work recently? with the new app?

OK I was able to get things working again. The problem seemed to be my iphone would not display the “Thing” device. No matter how many times I tried. I switched to a samsung tablet I had lying around and was able to connect these back up no problem.

Fingers crossed that somebody will be able to create Edge drivers for these Hampton Bay fan controllers. I use them everyday in several automations and would hate to lose that ability. I unfortunately don’t possess the skills to write them myself, but would be happy to make a donation to anyone that does and would be happy to help out and beta test any code.


That’s supper cool. Are you releasing edge drivers in a inovelli channel? Any need for early users?

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Not entirely sure, but @erocm1231 should be able to direct you :slight_smile:

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Here is the thread about our beta drivers:

Any updates for an Edge Driver?

No, other than the developer announcing on Github that he was working on it…that was over 9 months ago. So I’m guessing that this coming forth is a long shot at best

Hopefully todays announcement has woke everyone up. There are several things I’m worried about. A month and a half does not seem like enough time to find alternatives or work arounds.

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Following this thread and also hoping for an Edge driver. Still salty about the Classic to new app migration which made me waste hours of time to try and get all of my devices updated and working (still have some lost functionality from that) and not looking forward to this new disruption in function.

I have these fan controllers all over my house. If this doesn’t get updated before Groovy is retired next month, I may have to look at switching to a new platform. I’m not about to rip all of these out of 6 ceiling fans.

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I’m clueless on Edge/Lua, but I have a couple of items, including this, that currently aren’t supported. I’m going to try and get set up with the development environment this weekend and get my feet wet with an iBlinds driver, which only needs a small tweak from the stock shade driver. If that goes OK I’ll try with this one next, but I hesitate to suggest anyone should rely on me for a fix…

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i know this isn’t using the zigbee part of this, I have had very good luck using Bond to control the RF bits of the my fan. Since it is cloud based, I believe the assumption is it will just work when the cut over happens to Edge.

The only con is, if you use the button on the fan remote, the app can get out of sync.

Might be a good back up for people like enjoy smart fan control if this doesn’t get an Edge driver.

There’s now an Edge driver for this device! Use the thread below for questions.