[BETA RELEASE] Control Your Devices From Homeflow Dashboard

Currently working on forgot password functionality then will force SSL! Here’s a preview:


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Hey @jonathanzwhite, been away on holiday recently so haven’t been tinkering with my HA setup. Just updated and like what you’ve done with the grouping by tabbing things.

I’ve been playing with the colour blub updates and the LED strip I shared the DH with you - it’s working great! I’ve tried with my LiFX bulb and it turns on and off but the colour update isn’t working.

Just wanted to give some quick feedback - great work so far - keep it up!

Hey Gareth, good to hear you enjoy the update with device groups! I was really excited to ship that :ship: So color control updates with the LED works but LiFX does not. Some other people were also having issues with color control for their Hue light bulbs. Color is a tough nut to crack! Will continue ironing the bugs out with color control.

Thanks for the feedback. You rock :pray:

Just saw a notice to update to 1.05 and now it won’t save on the iphone app. I get this “error saving unnamed page. Please contatct SmartApp Developer”. Any suggestions?

Hey @MANOWAR, I updated my SmartApp to 1.0.5 and it seemed like everything was working. In your IDE, under Live Logging do you see the error attributed to any specific line? Sorry to hear you’re having issues connecting!

I see nothing. I think it’s a ST update issue. It happened after the update.

I see, I sent you an email :e-mail: will some follow up so I can help you troubleshoot :smile:

I got it. I cleared the code page and copied and pasted it from the other page with 1.05 data and it works now. Thanks for the follow up though.

Good to hear! Sorry about the trouble and thanks for being patient.

No trouble. I’m learning this stuff for the first time and having glitches helps me learn how it works and what I need to do to fix it. Thanks for all the time and effort on your part.


Hey everyone. This week’s updates addresses some of the feedback from the community. Here are updates :tada: Thanks for the advice so far :bowing_man:

Added SSL (HTTPS) support

I added SSL support to the site and the SmartApp. This means HTTPS and encryption support. HTTPS is now default for Homeflow. To get the update, upgrade your SmartApp to v1.0.5. Just go to your SmartThings SmartApp console and click “Update from Repo”.

Updated URL

Thanks to the reminder from @darrenp, I removed the port 3001 from the URL. Your dashboard is now located at [https://homeflow.io/dashboard]. Redirects will be automatic so no need to change anything on your end.

Added forgot password suppport

Everyone forgets their password now and then. If you do, just navigate to the login page :upside_down_face:


Hey! When will there be access to the automation or “flow” aspect of the app?

Are you going to allow for html/css customization of individual dashboards? I really like how this is looking so far, and prefer it over ActionTiles.

On Hue bulbs, it seems that all Hue bulb tiles have the option for color, saturation etc. Is there a way to hide these options and just display the 0-100% dim? value?

@jonathanzwhite … anything on this?