[BETA] dashie - open source dashboard - testers needed!

Hey everyone.

I was a bit frustrated with all the dashboards out there. Especially price and flexibility were mayor concerns for me.

So I addressed that and build a new dashboard from the ground up. It’s open source, runs completely in your browser and doesn’t need any installation.

There will be a paid version, where you basically pay for hosting and synchronizing all your data between all your devices and support the development of course.

If you are interested in testing the dashboard send me a DM. I am looking for testers who fulfill certain criteria, so I cannot accept everyone. DM me, it’s free :wink:!

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Would you have the ability to pull in variables from Webcore? I am pretty sure global variables are saved somewhere in the ST IDE. If this would be possible, I am highly interested. I run all my automations thru webcore, and utilizing these variables in a dashboard setup would be highly beneficial for me. This is the main reason I have not paid for Actiontiles. I also like the idea of running in a web browser as well.

No. But it’s open source, so someone (or me myself) could build it. I think they expose a web api, that you could integrate into the dashboard.

But no, for know the answer is no. Will add it to feature requests though.