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Best Window Sensor

Looking to start adding sensors to my ground floor and basement windows and doors to detect open/close status (temp status is an added bonus). Looking for something small/discreet so I don’t have some giant brick attached to the windows and doors.

I have 2 of these and they work well.
Bit on the high side price wise but can be nicely hidden.

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I use the Lowe’s Iris sensors ( They are small enough that they can hide between my window and frame in many cases. For sliding windows I have them tucked in a corner or behind blinds.

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I use these as well. I’ve got 5 or 6 in use right now and they work great.The $22 price point is nice and it’s even better when you combine it with a Lowe’s coupon

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The Aeotec Sensor 6 are nice to hide away too, and flat if you have blinds in the way. Expensive also and make sure to check the size before you buy, they aren’t as small as you might think or want.

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As others have mentioned, there are a number of different form factors available in contact sensors these days. Thin flat triangles, even thinner flat strips, tubes to go inside the wall. Quite a few choices. The following thread discusses the various options and has some pictures. :sunglasses:

If you have large window sets with multiple opening sashes, a neat and cost effective method can be to use a single contact sensor that has terminals for external input. Fibaro Contact Sensors or the Aeon Dry Contact sensors are good examples.

You can then use tiny read switches and magnets for each opening sash, wired in parallel. Hide the cable runs in the window reveals and drill through mullions / transoms where you can.

Place the sensor itself behind a curtain or something.


My entire house, windows and doors are all on Iris sensors. I have like 14 or more of them, and honestly want a few more for lesser used doors/closets/windows/atic…you name it. You can usually catch them on a sale every quarter or so for about 15 a piece. But even at 22 they are some of the cheaper ones. Between them and the Iris motion sensors…every room I have has an iris based sensor in it lol

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