Best way to sell?

I’ve lost interest in ST since the arrival of Homekit, and I would like to sell off all my gear that doesn’t work with Homekit. Where do you guys go to buy used stuff, and what would a fair price be for my stuff if I wanted to sell it all at once? [Mods: sorry if this is the wrong forum, feel free to move this post]

Would $450 be too little/too much to ask for this?

I have…
3 osram lightify RGB bulbs
2 z-wave motion sensors
around 10 GE Link Bulbs
1 Z-wave in-wall dimmer switch
1 Z-wave 7 button switch (the GE one that doesn’t sync with SmartThings)
1 Sylvana (aka Cree?) 6" downlight that I can’t get the hub to recognize again after someone shut the switch off

1 ST 1st gen motion/temp sensor
2 ST 1st gen door sensors (with temp)
1 ST 1st gen arrival sensor
1 ST 1st gen hub

I’ll dibs the in-wall dimmer switch and the two door sensors if you’re are interested in “parting it out.” :slight_smile: What brand is the dimmer?

Seems a bit high. First, you’ll need to list the brands and models – – the used price of an ecolink Z wave sensor would be considerably lower than a Fibaro. And it’s Osram which is a Sylvania brand, not Cree.

Typical used price would be 20 -25% of the price new if everything is in good shape. But that will drop to 15% for devices like the V1 hub which are not the current generation. It’s pretty similar to selling any other tech.

Just as an example, here’s a set of devices which sold about a month ago for $425 and had over 30 sensors in the set:


Occasionally items will sell high if they have a particular feature which is not available on the current generation. If you really have a first generation SmartThings motion sensor, the one which could also run on USB power, I would pull that one out and sell it separately here in the community, as a lot of people want its ability to recognize when it’s gone off mains power. You might be able to sell that one for the new price or even five dollars over.

And the lightify RGBW bulbs might go for about half retail, depending on how many hours you’ve already run them for.

Hard to tell on any of the other stuff without brand and model numbers, but they’re more likely to be at the low-end.

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I think so, and spot on @JDRoberts.

That eBay listing was mine when I needed to unload a whole bunch of unused stuff. Even at $425, I only had 3 bidders. I think you’ll need to come in a lot lower than that for what you’re trying to sell.


First I would put the post in the for sale or trade thread

The Wink bulbs are about $1 ea.
While I applaud your full disclosure I don’t think the lights and switches that you identify as nonfunctional add any value to the package. If anything they make me question the condition of the rest.
If anything I would price the whole lot around $100-$150 and then only if it is in fact the gen1 ST that has external power. It’s the only thing in the list of any real value.


I didn’t say anything was nonfunctional. The GE Z-wave scene controller just isn’t recognized by Smartthings-- it still works to control the Z-wave dimmer.

The Sylvana downlight is functional, I just lost the patience to deal with resetting it enough times to figure out why my SmartThings hub keeps mis-recognizing it as a generic thing. With somebody else’s hub, it will be just fine.

Thanks for your help. I guess I’ll just keep running the winks as normal lightbulbs and save the sensors for some kind of rainy day project.

(It’s not a 1st gen, I guess, since there’s no USB connection–it’s just not Samsung-branded)

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@Danabw I’m not interested in splitting it up.

Where can I find some of those $1 wink bulbs?

Also, what is the cheapest way to get Hue bulbs? I’ll take used. Not picky as long as they cover the whites.

If it’s third GEN, there are still some community members looking for those, you might be able to trade for something.

You can check what the different generations look like in the support database:

In the old clearance bins at Home Depot. They have probably all gone out in the dumpster by now

The new dimmable whites are $15 everywhere when not on sale. You can still find the Gen1 hub starter kits with 2 bulbs & dimmer for $35- $40 or 3 bulbs & gen1 hub for $50

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I’ll give you $200 shipped if you want to unload it all at once.

@niceindividual I am looking for a first gen smartthings sensor the one with the USB input, still have one for sale?

Sorry didn’t read the whole thread didn’t realize you weren’t interested in breaking up the lot