SmartApp to check whether my electric car is charging before i go to sleep

Hi all. I recently installed an Enerwave ZW20RM smart outlet in my garage to check whether my electric car is charging before i go to sleep. I am brand new to coding but gave it a try to create a smartapp to alert me at 11pm if energy usage is below 500W, but i could not make it work. Has anyone tried to do something similar?

Hi @Gabesz,

You can do what you want with a SmartApp that’s already in the Marketplace called “Energy Alerts”.

There are both high and low limits, and it will notify you on both. I use this app for monitoring refrigerators and a couple other appliances.

If you don’t want notifications triggered for a low value, perhaps you can set the value to a negative number (never tried that), or just 0 or 1 if the charger still draws some power when not plugged into your car. If that doesn’t work for you, make a copy of the app and modify it to not notify on a low value.


You could look into Core it’s in alpha but it’s very flexible. You could set up a Piston(rule) easily to do what you want.

Thanks @johnconstantelo your response. I tried the mentioned Energy Alert app, but it is not what i am after as it keeps sending me notifications every time i plug-in or un-plug the car. What i am looking for is an app, that only sends me notifications if the car is not plugged-in at a specific time of the day (before i go to sleep). I would like the app to check the energy usage at, lets say 10pm every day and send me a text message only if the car does not charge (usage is below 100W). Which means, i probably forgot to plug-in my car.