Best way to add sensors to lots of windows?

My sunroom has about 15 windows. I was wondering what the best way to add sensors to them. I was thinking 1 arduino with 15 sensors. But would that work ok in ST? $20/sensor is a little steep to use the real sensors on each one.

I was also thinking, if the magnets are powerful enough, I may be able to use one sensor for 2 windows.

You can purchase external contacts and use a single Ecolink zwave contact sensor to cover multiple windows.

You can use these, look on ebay you can get them from China for much cheaper

Are you suggesting I could use one of these?

And connect 15 of the “uxcell® MC 38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch Home Alarm System” to the one monoprice sensor??

You have to daisy chain them together. Inside the contact sensor there are screws you can attach too.

Here is another discussion with a video, that may better explain it.

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