Best way to add sensors to lots of windows?



My sunroom has about 15 windows. I was wondering what the best way to add sensors to them. I was thinking 1 arduino with 15 sensors. But would that work ok in ST? $20/sensor is a little steep to use the real sensors on each one.

I was also thinking, if the magnets are powerful enough, I may be able to use one sensor for 2 windows.

Best Small Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor
(Ben W) #2

You can purchase external contacts and use a single Ecolink zwave contact sensor to cover multiple windows.

You can use these, look on ebay you can get them from China for much cheaper


Are you suggesting I could use one of these?

And connect 15 of the “uxcell® MC 38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch Home Alarm System” to the one monoprice sensor??

(Ben W) #4

You have to daisy chain them together. Inside the contact sensor there are screws you can attach too.

Here is another discussion with a video, that may better explain it.