Best Wall Mounts for Tablets

Hey everyone

I have multiple tablets which I use as “control panels” for the lights and everything else that is smart around the house.

I have Cat6 cables behind every tablets which I use to power them. Right now I simply stick the Tablets on the wall with Strong Double Face which can’t be the best solution

I am looking for a way to mount these tablets on the wall, that will also hide the charging cables

A solution that would be completely awesome would be one that allows me to easily pick up and put the tablet back down on the wall

The awesome solution would like something like a Magnet Base, powered by Cat6, that also charges the tablet remotely, and I can pick up the Tablet and put i back easily

I have done some research but couldn’t find anything close to what I am describing here - but I am sure I am missing something, hence the post :slight_smile:

People do this many different ways, and there are a number of existing threads with project reports that might give you some ideas.

The following was started along time ago, but the wall mount ideas are still relevant and there are a lot of different ones, some very creative. Ignore all the stuff about code, just look for the posts with pictures of mounting options and you’ll see a lot of variety. :sunglasses:

( The topic title is a clickable link)

There are some additional project reports under the following topics. Some of the newer ones have plans for 3-D printed frames, others are more traditional.

At My House

Personally, I use a combination of picture frames and Sugru. Sugru is a moldable rubber adhesive. When you first open the package there’s a piece about the size of 3 US quarter coins. Play-Doh consistency. You can stretch it and mold it by hand. You stick it in place and give it about 24 hours to dry and it will end up feeling like rubber. Works very well. Cost about three dollars a pack, a little less in multi packs.

If you want to hide the cables, combine it with a picture frame and the usual Cable raceway. raceway is The generic name for a plastic tube that goes over the cable just to make it look nicer. You can find this at places like Home Depot or OfficeMax or sometimes Best Buy. Or of course online. There are many different brands, sizes, and colors. People use them for home theater set ups, alarm panels, etc.


But to be honest, for my personal projects of this type I’m usually looking for cheap and simple. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: For the more complicated solutions, check the two links I gave above.

I use Vidabox. They are well made, the fit and finish is awesome but they are pricey.

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Thanks for the answer - the dedicated thread is quite a rabbit hole to dive into :smile: (already jumped)

Sugru also looks awesome and I will order a couple of packs to test. It seems to tick all the boxes (i prefer simple as well) except the picking up and putting down the tablet part

Thanks. These are indeed some great ones. I will probably order one to test :slight_smile:

Oh I just saw here that with Sugru I ll be able to pick up and put back the tablet. Awesome :smiley:

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I have various tablets running actiontiles and I got this one for easy of removing the tablet.