Best Video Camera with Live Feed?


Can anyone suggest a good Video Camera, preferably with Night Vision and 2 way audio that works well with Smartthings and has Live Video.


Do you just want live streaming or do you want SmartThings to be able to record on SHM events?

The officially compatible cameras are all here:

Unfortunately, they’re all expensive… and there aren’t that many options. Other camera models can be integrated into ST, but only for still pictures.

Not true anymore, check out my D-Link Camera Manager SmartApp:


I had the Dlink Pan/Tilt and the SmartCam HD Pro. I returned the Dlink. I rarely found myself needing to move my camera around while I was viewing live. For me, it was a gimmick. I prefer the higher quality video of the SmartCam and wider live viewing.

Just to give you an additional option to consider, the Amcrest (a Foscam subsidiary) 1080P IP2M-841 can be had for < $100 on sale:

And can be controlled using a community device handler (mine… ugly, self-serving plug :smiley:)


Thanks for the replies.

I’m concerned about Port Forwarding options, does this make the stream insecure?

Less secure, but you’ll still need a username and password to access it.

I’m leaning towards the Amcrest IP2M-841, I don’t think it has support for the 2 way audio though.

I own it, and it does.

Can you do it through SmartThings?

Not yet. You can do live video streaming though.

@Belgarion that’s $158 for one of those cameras here in the UK! Its a pity because for $100 it looks a good buy!

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Thanks for the tip! I just purchased one to try and will expand if I like how it works.


@Marc_Rohde Did you recieve and test the camera? I’m also looking for an outdoor camera so i’m curios how it worked

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