Best Video Camera with Live Feed?


(Mark) #1


Can anyone suggest a good Video Camera, preferably with Night Vision and 2 way audio that works well with Smartthings and has Live Video.


(Ben Lebson) #2

Do you just want live streaming or do you want SmartThings to be able to record on SHM events?

(Paul) #3

The officially compatible cameras are all here:

Unfortunately, they’re all expensive… and there aren’t that many options. Other camera models can be integrated into ST, but only for still pictures.

(Ben Lebson) #4

Not true anymore, check out my D-Link Camera Manager SmartApp:

(Ran) #5

I had the Dlink Pan/Tilt and the SmartCam HD Pro. I returned the Dlink. I rarely found myself needing to move my camera around while I was viewing live. For me, it was a gimmick. I prefer the higher quality video of the SmartCam and wider live viewing.

(David) #6

Just to give you an additional option to consider, the Amcrest (a Foscam subsidiary) 1080P IP2M-841 can be had for < $100 on sale:

And can be controlled using a community device handler (mine… ugly, self-serving plug :smiley:)

(Mark) #7

Thanks for the replies.

I’m concerned about Port Forwarding options, does this make the stream insecure?

(Ben Lebson) #8

Less secure, but you’ll still need a username and password to access it.

(Mark) #9

I’m leaning towards the Amcrest IP2M-841, I don’t think it has support for the 2 way audio though.

(David) #10

I own it, and it does.

(Mark) #11

Can you do it through SmartThings?

(David) #12

Not yet. You can do live video streaming though.

(Jon) #13

@Belgarion that’s $158 for one of those cameras here in the UK! Its a pity because for $100 it looks a good buy!

(Marc Rohde) #14

Thanks for the tip! I just purchased one to try and will expand if I like how it works.

(dennis) #15

@Marc_Rohde Did you recieve and test the camera? I’m also looking for an outdoor camera so i’m curios how it worked