Best tightly integrated + monitored security system? (2019)

I’ve been using Simplisafe + SmartThings happily for a while. I’m able to arm and disarm SimpliSafe automatically based on smartthings events. Which is a must. But I’m not able to trigger SmartThings events using SimpliSafe sensors. And the Simplisafe integration is unofficial, meaning it could be pulled at any time.
(1) what monitored security system do you recommend that would allow (a) auto arm/disarm from smartthings events and (b) triggering of smartthings events using sensors from the security system?
(2) one important use case would be triggering smartthings events when a door is opened. If I just get smart locks, would that alone handle this use case? Not having had smart locks before,I don’t know if a smart lock reports whether a door is closed vs only reporting whether the lock is locked? EDIT: I see now the August Smart Lock has DoorSense which claims to do this, so that’s good provided it’s reliable.
(3) another use case (I think) would be unlocking doors when a smoke detector alarms, opening windows when a carbon monoxide detector alarms, etc. I’m pretty sure the SimpliSafe integration can’t handle this use case right?
(4) With ADT offering their own smart security system, I gather the Smartthings + ADT solution carries some risk of being discontinued at some point, right? Or is that a viable option still?

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Define “tightly integrated”?

If I use my personal interpretation and the various range of use cases you touch upon, then the answer is there is no 'tightly integrated monitored security system" for SmartThings at this time - other than the ADT Security Hub, which is assumed to be deprecated, though I don’t know of an official announcement in this regard.

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I primarily mean that the statuses of sensors used for security events are also available for smart home automations. So, as another example, unlocking doors when a smoke detector alarms, opening windows when a carbon monoxide detector alarms, or the like.

These were functions of the ADT Security Hub (ie, the ADT panel with SmartThings built in and the corresponding SmartThings software features).

A possible solution is but it is intended for a specific purpose - to link existing wired sensors to SmartThings. Their product has (or will have) pass-thru to legacy alarm panels and thus the possibility of related monitoring.

SmartThings is not intended as a security system and there are no official integrations with monitoring at this time (except for ADT Security Hub as mentioned).

Any unofficial integrations would not fit my definition of “tightly integrated”.

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There are several options on the link below, I’ve built two of them Elk and Visonic (both supporting zone triggers and with the option of monitoring since the integrations are outside of the alarm system) but suggest you having a read and seeing what options meet your needs in a bit more detail.

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