Best switches and plugs?

Does anyone know the best place to purchase switches and plugs at the most affordable price? We are building and my builder normally does not use z-wave so I am going to need to purchase them myself and since I’m buying so many, price is important! Please help…

You can get them online at Amazon or at a store in Lowes. Note that almost all outlets only have once controllable port on them. So in a standard 2 in-wall outlet, only the top one is controllable.

The GE ones can run around $40 each and an Intermatic for about $26. The Intermatic isn’t on the official supported list, but I have one sitting infront of me. I’ll wire it in my room and let you know how it works.

Switches can be tricky since there are different kinds, but its generally switch, 3-way switch, and dimmer. These are all GE.

Here is our first list of compatible devices

Any update on the Intermatic devices you were testing, Andrew? I’m really interested in using a few of these devices:

I didnt see that product, or one like it on the Compatibility List…


John, had great luck today with an Intermatic pluggable outlet. About 6 years ago I bought some Z-Wave devices and they ended up collecting dust. I recently busted out an Intermatic Home Settings pluggable outlet and it worked within seconds. No fuss.

I haven’t been able to use the in-wall outlet or the light module you linked, but considering its basic Z-Wave, compatible brand (Intermatic), and compatible system (Home Settings) then I’d say it will work with a high degree of certainty. I just ordered it for testing to be 100% sure.

Thanks for the follow-up Andrew! I’m going to order and use them with my existing system, and optimistically wait my ST Hub to pair with :slight_smile:


So Andrew - you suspect this one might work:

I like the price on them! Even with shipping they are about $15 less than the GE dimmer version… My only question comes from the comment section on that switch that it won’t work with LED bulbs?!? Strange. BUT - this also appears to be potentially a better solution for many people as it looks to not require that neutral line like the GE 3-way switches do.

I would give it a very high success of compatibility. It says it can be controlled by any Z-Wave controller and thats us!

Not all LED’s are capable of being dimmed. Found that out the hard way.

What about switches that combine several buttons onto one switch plate? I LOVE the idea of not having 4 large switches on a wall and instead having one with 4 buttons. I think Lutron makes some. Would any of these be compatible with Smart Things as long as they are z- wave or zigbee?

Thanks for all your feedback and help!

We’ve had some initial issues with those Lutron multiple switch devices. Let me check in with the Z-wave developer andmseemwhat the latest info is.

For momentary switches, you might try I know a family who has had their system installed for more than 15 years. I find the switches a little pricey, but they look nice. If anyone knows of other sources, please post.

The GE switches seem to work really well for me, if you get them from Lowe’s the are about 6 bucks cheaper than on Amazon.