What Switches do I need?

Right, I am very confused, which doesn’t take much :slight_smile:

Currently I have Echo Dot, Harmony Hub and LIFX Bulb and all works okay.

I want to man up and go to the next level and I think Smartthings is part of that process.

The main thing I want to do is automate my Kitchen / Diner lighting.

I have in total 22 Dimmable LEDS

2 Seperate Banks of 4 x 5 WATT LED’s with their own dimmable single switch
1 Bank of 8 x 5 Watt LEDS
1 Bank of 6 x 5 watt LEDS
These 2 banks are 2 dimmable buttons on one switch which I believe is 2 gang? (Square faceplate rather than rectangle)

The first part of the project is to make that 2 gang double automate, the other 2 switches can wait for now.

What would you recommend for this to happen?

Basics I want are a motion sensor so when I walk in the lights go on and also to tell Alexa to turn lights on / off

Would a Fibaro 2 be enough?
I know nothing about Fibaro so please answer as if you are talking to a complete noob :slight_smile:
Many thanks for any help

Kind regards


Fibaro do not have direct or simple integration to Echo, can’t talk to Lifx. I am not sure if it can talk to harmony.

Fibaro can only talk to mostly Fibaro stuffs and some zwave things

I know it does not talk to Echo but the Echo talks to Smartthings which I believe talks to Fibaro?

I just need to know the full extent of what I need for this project to happen.

I understand that having smartthings stops the need for a fibaro hub aswell?

If you have SmartThings then you will not need Fibaro hub.

The next things you need are z-wave dimmable switches.

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