Best smart home device?

Among all the smart devices i have heard motion detectors are useful but still i want to know What smart home device is a top 2018 one?

There’s no single device which is best for every person. It depends very much on what use cases you are trying to solve. Some people will use a lot of motion sensors, some people won’t use any. Some people find a smart lock is their favorite device – – others won’t use one at all. It really comes down to what specifically you want to do and why. :sunglasses:

You might find the following thread interesting: it’s about the top 10 things to do with SmartThings. ( this is a clickable link)


My smart garage door opener is cool for when I accidentally leave it open.
My smart front door deadbolt is cool for when I accidentally forget to lock it.
My smart front door sensor is cool for when my wife forgets to shut the door.
My smart motion detector is cool when I come downstairs in the dark and my smart switched lights turn on.
My smart door/window sensors are cool for when a door/window is open and the heat/ac turns on.

It depends on the scenario, I like them all. I should ask Alexa.




Thanks man that was really helpful…

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