Motion Sensors: To use or not to use

I am wondering what everyone is using their motion sensor for. I have a couple but not sure what to do with them. i am wondering if i should return it for more open/close sensors?

To control a few lights, also for SmartAlarm.


I have a motion detector in my kitchen which is tied to my kitchen light. When there’s motion in the evening/overnight hours, the light goes on. I also have a motion detector in the closet containing my safe. I have a multisensor in the safe, but to be on the safe side, the motion detector alerts me if there’s motion in the closet and I’m not home.


I use mine differently than a lot of people. I’m quadriparetic, in a wheelchair with limited hand function, so any switch or remote is difficult for me.

So my first and most frequent use is as a touchless switch. Something I can just wave a hand over and use to then trigger a Hello Home Action or other devices turning on or off.

Second, I use them to indicate that I have entered a specific zone as part of my occupancy indicator protocol:

Both these uses are very valuable to me, but might not be important to many other people. And I can get away with using really simple inexpensive motion sensors, as I’m really just trying to catch directed action at very short range. :smile:


I have one watching my dogs “puppy pads” so I know when I need to cleanup :dog:

I have one on my front entryway so I know when packages are delivered :package:

I have an extra that I might use to turn on lights when entering the room if it’s dark. But really I want my Echo to start working with Smart Things so I can just say “Alexa, turn on lights”

On a side note the Fibaro is also a vibration sensor (detect washing machine running or earthquakes) as well as a temp and light sensor which could come in handy.


Thanks for the input. I decided to return the motion sensor and get open/close sensor to put on my windows.

I am kind of sad as I have to remove the Fibaro/ST motion sensors from the second floor hallway because of the stupid AC in the attic just above it. As soon as it kicks in or turns off, it thinks there is a motion and sends messages, alerts etc. In Away mode, it can be a pain. It may be the blower vent causing it too which is right next to it.

Currently I have the alarms disabled. Well, I do get a special feature though. It tells me when the AC turned on or off… :wink: