Best Sensors & Dimmable Switches? (Just got Smartthings!)

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There’s no one “best” because different people have different needs, preferences, and, of course, budgets. And it also depends on what you want the sensor for. If you want to trigger a light to come on when someone walks into a room, you will need one which is much quicker to respond than if you are using one to give you a reminder that the window was left open and rain is expected. :umbrella:

The following FAQ (this is a clickable link) discusses the different features that different device classes might have, and why you might choose one over another. It covers both sensors and switches, so it would be a good place to start.

After you read that, if you come back here and tell us a little more about the specific uses you would have, I’m sure people would be glad to make recommendations.

Also, we do need to know what country you are in (US, Canada, or U.K.) as the devices available do vary by region.

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