Best router setup for big house?

Hi! Do you guys have any recommendation for setting up the wifi on a big house? Ive seen some new routers, mesh etc… and just wondering whihc to buy.


How technically inclined are you?

If you have a lot of IP devices like I do (over 120, 80+ wireless) you will need something that can work with that many devices.

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Thanks for your suggestion! Not much really, just a normal house use: computers, celphones, tablets, tvs, Alexa, Sonos etc… and offocurse ST.

@frantona I used the Linksys AC5400/EA9500 and it is wonderful and it’s never slow. I have tablets, laptop, home automation, stream movies etc. I would highly recommend this router as it does the job.

I’ve tested lots of the new Mesh (and almost-mesh!) kit, and BY FAR the best performance both in terms of speed and connection has been with Netgear Orbi.

House size is not the determining factor per se. Layout is important, as is location of router. As an example, I have two routers. One is in the basement where my line comes in, because that’s the only spot that makes sense for a bunch of logistical reasons. But that spot is awful for wireless. My wireless hub is up on the second floor. It reaches just about everywhere on the property.

So tell us more about your home layout.

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+1 for the Ubiquiti setup. My issue wasn’t the number of devices, but where the devices are located. Since Ubiquiti allows you to spread out your access points, I was able to pinpoint specific areas of my main house and guest house for optimal coverage.

Thank you all for your great recomendations!

Has anyone tried or know about these?

just a normal house use: computers, celphones, tablets, tvs, etc…