Best Range Extender?

I’m currently attempting to do an office automation project. I know SmartThings really wasn’t designed for the Office, but really the biggest difference between home and office is the space involved. I’ve currently got a ~10 of the GE Outdoor Light Plug-and-Control Power Outlet units plugged in around half a floor of the office (~7k sq feet). The units have a tendency to pop on and off the network as reported by the SmartThings API.

Obviously I’ve got a range/single strength issue. What is the best device for extending the Z-Wave network? The only thing I’ve run across beyond the built in repeater functionality is the Aeon Labs DSD37. Does anyone have any experience with it? Does it work with SmarThings?


If you’re talking about the outlets showing up as “INACTIVE”, that currently doesn’t really mean they are off the network. The active/inactive state is still broken for most third-party devices. As long as you can control them, they are connected properly.

GE plug-in outlets are my recommendation for easy plug-in extension of the Z-Wave network. Note that most of the SmartThings sensors use ZigBee, so they need ZigBee repeaters if they’re out of range.

Do the GE light switches work as well as the outlets? A light switch would be more useful for me. I’m having trouble with the Schlage Century deadbolt. It only seems to receive the commands about 50% of the time, and ST often thinks it’s locked when it’s unlocked and vice versa.

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@rcrowe Yes they do. If you want to know the compatibility and depth of integration of products that work with Smart things look here -->
Look at the list of products and hover the mouse over the information icon on the far right side of screen for each product, this will tell you if it acts as a wireless repeater. Good luck.