Best Practice to Connect Alexa, Lifx, Ring and Blink

I’m replacing my old Smartthings wifi hub with an Aeotec hub. I’ve had issues with duplicate items being found when any app runs discovery. What’s the best way to connect all of these apps to avoid this. I use Lifx, Ring, Alexa, Blink and just bought some Kasa temp sensors. I can’t use replace hub so im thinking starting totally fresh might be the best bet and I’d like to do it correctly this time. TIA

Unfortunately, the way that SmartThings works with the voice assistants It exposes all the devices connected to your ST account. You can’t pick individual ones like you can on some other Home Automation platforms. And it actually doesn’t make any difference whether you have a hub or not: the integration is at the account level. so what people do is just go through the Alexa app and individually disable any devices that are duplicates. It’s a pain in the neck, but it works. (You can’t just delete the duplicates, because they will be rediscovered again. You have to let them be discovered and then disable them.)


Which also, unfortunately, means if you have different hubs in different locations with devices/routines of the same name… Oy! :crazy_face:


I’m not sure why you need the SmartThings hub in this case? All of those devices work natively with Alexa.

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