Best Lock to Use with ST?

My FE599NX has bit the bullet. I was a little disappointed when I opened it up and found the majority of the components were thin plastic.They are available on Amazon, but look to be discontinued on Home Depot and down to 1 color at Lowes. I am considering different locks, but of course my wife must approve the look.

What lock do you prefer? Which ones work better with ST?

I should have listed how I use the lock.

  • Text or notification when a code is used.Want to know when the kids get home.
  • Unlock remotely (I normally add a code then give it to the person)
  • Had the lock un-arm the alarm when I was using Micasaverde but I haven’t gotten this far with ST yet.

I use the Kwikset 916 deadbolts on all my exterior doors. Not only do they look really nice, but paired with RBOY’s apps you can do all you requested above and a lot more.

Don’t know about best but I use the Kwikset 910s and they work great. Installed in June and batteries are at 40%. Heavy use in my home. I too use the @RBoy app and it has everything that I could want in regards to code management.

Got mines for $75 per.

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This should be of interest. Although the thread was started over a year ago, the same models are still popular and in particular the same brand comment still apply.

Most of the lock manufacturers are going to be coming out with Z wave plus versions of their locks, which is why it’s starting to get difficult to find the older ones.

Amazon or some of the specialty home automation retailers should still have the popular models from the previous generation for a while:


I prefer the Yale or Schlage locks. Better build quality in my opinion. As a note, you can also use ZigBee locks with my DTH and @rboy’s SmartApp or @ethayer’s Lock Manager SmartApp.


I’m using the Lock Manager and the FE599NX at the moment. I’m not impressed with the build of the lock. For the cost, they could have built the locking mechanism from aluminum instead of plastic. I love the way it works, but the thickness of the plastic makes it hard to believe you could get more then 3 or 4 years from the lock. I have no clue how the others are built so I could be spinning my wheels and all of them have similar parts.

Thank you. I searched, but I didn’t use the same words. lol.

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Schlage and Yale and best quality locks in the US. For Europe IDLock and Danalock are great options too.
Here’s a comparison of the features by brand:


I’ve got 2 of the Schlage 469 touchscreen locks and they have been rock solid for going on 4 years with 3 different brands of hubs. No complaints at all . Well other than they are a PIA to get connected to begin with because of their built in security.

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Went with the Kwikset 914 deadbolt and bought her a new handle. Also paid for Rboy’s app. I think I have it all set up. I’m getting text every few minutes of the app requesting a user code be added. I assume this will stop shortly.

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Just a warning to those considering the Kwikset 914 Deadbolt:

If your door faces the sun for most of the day, the plastic covering the keypad degrades HORRIBLY. It looks like a white, cloudy mess. I’m really disappointed that the lock didn’t hold up better. It works great, but it looks terrible now. You’d think that Kwikset would have considered the weather conditions that front doors need to withstand. I don’t even live in a place like Phoenix!


Is this the one that “clouds up”?

The white buttons or the clear coat?

Seems the 916 with black touch screen would get all messed up in direct sun? My door faces sun most of the time.

It’s this model:

I found that putting liquid silicone on the screen made things better.

The lock you linked seems like a better choice :).

Oh, that’s the 916, not 914

I think the 916 was intended to be the newer better model, but from reading many reviews, the 914 may be the better choice, especially since the door constantly faces the sun.

I am concerned about the black touchscreen of the 916. Being black will definitely wear down instantly facing constant hot sun. I hear there is a delay also when entering code etc… the white rubber buttons of the 914 may be better. Just hope it doesn’t eat batteries. Thanks!

Hello Noah.Fenley,

So how did your decision go with the Kwikset 914? Zwave? Is it in direct sunlight mostly? I am leaning away from the 916 due to what I hear and the black touchscreen. Hoping the white or lighter color face of the 914 will be a wiser choice. Does it eat batteries?

I am considering this one versus the Schlage Camelot. I noticed you had a different model Schlage and were not happy with that particular model.

Thanks Noah!