Best lighting relays and switches to Monitor Existing Floodlight? (UK)

Hi all

Been looking at making some more use out of my SmartThings hub in light of some recent unscrupulous activity in the area. Ideally what I’d like to be able to do is wire a relay of some description into my PIR floodlight and monitor the load through it. If the load indicates it’s on for over x seconds I’d like to be able to turn on some lights in the house, which means I also need some smart light switches. It would appear that I’ve got neutral wires available too (joys of a new build!) which should hopefully allow some more options switch wise.

Any product recommendations on the above would be great!

As far as the smart switches, there’s no one “best.” Different things work for different people. Depends on a lot of things including budget.

See the Lightng FAQ for the UK for some of the various options. :sunglasses:

( The topic title is a clickable link)

Yeah I did look through that but couldn’t see anything I could put inline before a PIR light to see whether it’s on or not and the recommended switches that seem suitable (TBK) look OOS.

Vesternet is always a good place to check for zwave devices.

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Thanks, quite like the look of those neo switches you put in the linked thread. Is there a device handler for them?
Potentially one switch down, in line switch with voltage monitoring to go!

Even better, they are now on the official compatibility list for the UK. :sunglasses:

There are energy monitoring micros from Aeotec, Fibaro, or Qubino, any of which should work. All are popular. Hopefully someone in the UK who has them will comment further. :sunglasses:

Thanks! Hopefully someone will have wired one outside in a box so I can light the house up like a Christmas tree when the scrotes are about!


Everyone has a different approach on exterior lighting, my approach was cheap and fairly simple and suited me, probably takes longer to type than set up and do

Exterior led lamps of your choice
Cheap pir from toolstation
Energy monitor smart plug
Smart app written specially to make it all work by Cobra a member here who still pops in now and again but has moved to a new SH environment

The whole thing is pretty simple, smart plug to cable, cable to pir, pir cable to led lights

The pir draws a minimal amount during the day and stays off until its internal lux meter detects the required on lux, when on lux is active set by the annoyingly small twidly dials on the pir movement is detected, the pir switches the led light on drawing current, the custom smart app measures the current draw which in turn allows for anything to happen within smartthings, maybe another led light coming on if plugged into a smart socket, maybe switching a tv to a camera input which is what i have

In my case, if someone walks down my drive, my led security lights come on, my tv switches to a camera input on the tv, i could and sometimes do use another smart app that triggers my facia led lights to flash police colours or at Halloween my led lights are set to storm setting from a Fibaro rgbw controler


That sounds great (and simple), but what about thinking of a way to make this work during daylight too? I guess you could have the lux sensor set so essentially the light always comes on I suppose.

I’m curious as to know how your cctv/tv setup works.

Basically, I’m trying the think of a similar method. I. E. Using an external pir as an instrument in smartthings to trigger events. I use a fibaro ubs elsewhere, which accepts external contact sensors… Wonder if there’s something that can be done there… Hmmm

sounds like a great solution, only issue I’ve got is that I’ve already got wiring outside ready to accept the lamps so adding in a smartplug is a no go which is why the inline relay would be required for the voltage monitoring. It’s a shame there doesn’t seem to be a decent outdoor sensor as I could likely achieve what I want with one of those (from an internal light perspective)

I have a darkfighter series hikvision camera out front cat5 to router, router to Pc in my office, Pc to to tv via 5mtr hdmi, not exactly an elegant solution as i would much prefer a proper Hikvision app for the tv but sadly one does not exist

The tv input is auto triggered to the camera hdmi input simply by the exterior dumb movement sensor connected to the power metering smart plug

The tv is samsung and in the new St app there is an option to change input when something happens, so movement detected, lights come on, tv switches over, camera switches to daylight mode by virtue of its own settings

All sounds complex but in reality its basic stuff and all triggered by one smart plug that measures power and cobras brilliant little smart app