Best garage door opener to purchase for use with smartthings?

You guys must work for linear. I’ve had 4 of these and they often break for no reason at all.

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i have had mine for about 4 years now and have had no issues.

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My GoControl/Iris garage door controller also has no problem for over 1.5 years. Remember the garage is usually an insulated wall away from all your other devices and the connection may be unstable. I had disconnection problem in the first couple months. Then I added a smartplug as repeater in the garage near the house. I have zero problem after that.

I have a chamberlain with the MyQ and WiFi built in. Using the MyQ lite smartapp it has worked great for going on two years.

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Can the MyQ be integrated with Smart things? I thought it is no longer supported.
Regarding the Linear/GoControl controller, I have problem with the new ST app. However, I have the same problem with a handful of devices in the new app too. They all still work well with the old ST app.

The Iris garage opener works fine with both the old and new app. I am fully satisfy with it for 2 years now.

The Iris garage opener works fine with both the old and new app. I am fully satisfy with it for 2 years now.

Interesting. My GoControl garage controller is actually Iris branded, but I cannot get it to work in the new app. It does show up in the new app but I just cannot access that device info. It works perfectly fine with the old app though. So it is connected to the hub steadily.

this one, right?

The new app asked me to upgrade the device the first time I clicked on the detail view in the new app and it worked straight forward.

Which IDE are you using? It is the same controller, but we may be using different IDE. I am using one of the customized IDE that it can be controlled by Alexia by voice. I just see some updates in the new app for the Xiaomi door/window sensors today. They have been working in both the old and new app, before or after the updates though, My Visonic window sensor is also not working in the new app.

Standard IDE. I have plenty of sensors not working in the new app, specially those home made, but the garage opener was showing properly since day one I got my S9+

Can your garage door be voice controlled? I have heard the standard IDE does not support voice command on Echo. I have several devices not working in the new app including the thermostat, water leak sensor, garden hose switch, and smart plug that are all Iris compatible and work with v2 hub in the old app. Also, the Life360 presence sensor is not working properly in the new app either.

I removed the control from Alexa as I don’t want someone shouting from outside “Alexa, open the garage” and break in my house.
I also have Alexa on a smart plug that switches off when I leave to avoid any unwanted interactions.
My genuine ST sensors all work. My Honeywell wifi thermostat works fine, GE motion sensor, Philips bulb (without Philips hub), Sylvana bulb (without osram hub).
Not working yet: Aeon siren, Sonos, Zooz 4in1 and other homemade

Add in a “cheap” tilt sensor like the Ecolink sensor for around $25 and it will work great.

My Ulitech siren works fine with the new app , so as all GE switches dimmers, and sensors. WEMO works even with multiple location (hub) as it is WiFi. You must live in a small community or have windows open. I never worry that someone from outside my house can activate my Echo in the kitchen or garage. I also have two Google Home and multiple devices with Google Assistant. In our region, the insulation in building code may be better than yours due to extreme temperature.

Well… California South bay just has one model of 1 floor house made of plywood for the last 50 years so indeed… Never become an architect here… hahaha

For those with MyQ openers… Why do you need the tilt sensor? I am looking at switching from Wink and Wink is able to determine if the door is open or closed.

Thanks, Mark

You don’t. I set mine up without and it worked fine. The tilt sensor just gives you an open closed reading to confirm if the door is open or closed as the MyQ does not have a readable open/closed. For example, if the door hits something on the way down and reverses, without the tilt sensor, you wouldn’t know without going outside to look. (Or looking at your MyQ app).

Why not use a dry contact z-wave relay and a contact sensor? Combining those with RBoy’s Virtual Garage Door Manager SmartApp seems much simpler and cheaper.

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Here’s a step by step guide for anyone interested in the MyQ/SmartThings integration:

Just an update. After migrating to the new app, my GoControl/Linear/Iris garage door opener is still working well. However, my garage door opener is near 18-year-old now and I have already bought a replacement unit by Genie which is on wifi. I don’t it is compatible with the GoControl, but the Genie Aladdin app is Smartthings compatible.