Beefy ST-controllable colour spotlight bulbs?

(Mike Whitaker) #1

Ok - so…

We have a big former shop (about 12’ x 24’) at the Mill House which is normally used as a band rehearsal room. Sometimes we clear it all out and host a house concert… the room has three strips (for mundane use) and six wall fittings. I’d really like to fit some colour change spots to those wall fittings that I can use with Smart Things - really don’t care if they’re Hue, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Hive, ST, Lightify or some weird WiFi thing I have to write custom code for, don’t care what fitting they are, just looking for heftier (in terms of light output), directional, colour change spots.

Any thoughts?

(Eric) #2


They are not very bright. They just enable easy remote-controllable color spots. You would need Wifi.

I use 2 bulbs - reliability of 1x LIFX-800?-color has been 100% but it is power-cycled automatically.

Reliability of the 1x LIFX-1000-color is no-response about 50%, but it is on a manually switched circuit so it does not get rebooted often.

I would not rely on ST for concert night - the LIFX app, not sure if it executes locally but it has been 100% I think.


Are you in the UK?

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Yes :wink: still grin

(Mike Whitaker) #5

Current theory is probably a bunch of the Hue GT10s, although… erm… ouch, my wallet :smiley:

(Keep buying the Echo, folks, it improves my bonus :smiley: :smiley: :D)