Bedside remote/button that can call a ST app

I’m also unusual in that I don’t have a smartphone at all as I can’t use them. (I’m quadriparetic.)

If by app you mean a SmartApp then sure. There aren’t that many choices, but there are some.

The aeon minimote has 4 buttons and can execute a Hello Home Action which triggers one or more smartapps.

I use a motion detector inside a box on a shelf as a touchless switch. Details in the following topic, along with discussion of other devices:

The biggest advantage for me of the touchless switch is that it’s easy to find in the dark and since it’s touchless I don’t have to be precise. But it’s not a toggle switch: it just does the one thing.

The minimote, having 4 buttons with two options for each, gives you a lot more control. But requires more precise use.

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