Arm / disarm alarm with button

I’m trying to figure out a way to arm / disarm my Aeon labs alarm with my ST system.

Basically I want to use a portable switch (Lutron connected bulb remote maybe) or some other small firm factor button or switch to arm and disarm my ST system alarm.

I want to have a small button/switch that can be pushed to disarm my system when I wake up in the middle of the night to open my patio door to let my service dog go to the bathroom without having to open my phone. Then push again to rearm once I back in bed.

I’m running the V2 hub if it matters.

Any suggestions?

Cheers. Kris

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Couldn’t this be done with minimote ?


Or a Flic button with IFTTT and probably a SmartThings virtual switch if not directly.


The Lutron remote won’t work (SmartThings doesn’t receive signals from it, just the bulbs do), but any devices from the following list should, as well as the new Iris panic button.

I myself am Quadriparetic, use a wheelchair with limited hand function, and also have a service dog. So I have to look for dog-friendly switches as well as ones that I can use easily.

The minimote is great for most people, but I can’t use them because I don’t have enough hand control and the buttons are tiny. Same with the $15 securifi key fob.

I am able to use the smartenIT 3 toggle switch, which has three long toggles and then gives me several choices. It makes a nice nightstand switch.

I also really like the flic buttons which are a single round rubbery adhesive button about the size of a quarter but thicker. It has three command states (press, double press, and long press), but neither I nor the dog can distinguish between the three so I just set all three to do the same thing.

I also use a motion sensor as a touchless switch and that works very well for me because just a hand wave will set it off, but it requires intention, just walking past doesn’t trigger it. I have one on the Side of the nightstand pointing towards the bed, and another inside a box on a shelf.

Anyway, the topic linked below has the current list. :sunglasses::dog:

minimote, real z-wave switch not connected to a load, lowes iris keypad (new version), lowes iris 4 button fob