Aeon Minimote. What do you do with yours?

(Paul) #1

So I have two of these Aeon Minimote’s that I bought when I 1st got my Gen 2 smartthings hub last year. This was before the Amazon Echo and much better support for the Harmony Hub came around. I find that I really don’t have much use for them any more. For Automations, I have virtual buttons and tell Alexa to turn on or off, etc.

I’m trying to find something neat or useful to do with them where I would actually use them.

So what cool things are you all doing with yours, or is it just a paper weight for most these days?

(Andrew Caudle) #2

I use mine to control my bedside lamps.

(Not Dexter) #3

I have one mounted on a wall at the top of my upstairs stairs and control all of lights in the hall and rooms from one place. It’s outside of the voice range of Google Home, and I don’t always want to use my voice with Google Assistant on my phone if people are asleep.


^ This. Don’t want to use Alexa to turn on bedroom lights if someone is sleeping or going to bed.

In addition, it controls my little used lights like my outdoor decorative lights. Easier than trying to have my DW remember what they’re called in order to use Alexa to control them.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

I could revive this project… but it only got 6 likes :cry:

(Christopher) #6

I do this as well. I also have a minimote for when we have house guests.

(Paul) #7

Ha, I remember that. Funny I also have the ZWN-SC7 controller. I rarely use it either. :slight_smile: I guess I’ll ask that too, What do people who have this device use it for?

I also have one of those 10 digit keypads that you can use to enable SHM armed, away, etc. It works find, but found that it did not “simplify” my life just added extra steps. I’m ok with my home changing into Away when I leave using presence sensors, etc.

I do get the benefit of turning off lights without the echo from time to time. Maybe I will put them up in the bedroom for bedside lamps.


And the one in my bedroom controls my thermostat tempreture Up/Down. The best use case for me.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #9

Yah… context…

I have one ZWN-SC7 in a den where there are 3 Hues (I use the big button as “all on / all off”), leaving 3 buttons for: wall sconce, outside deck lights, outside garden lights. It’s not bad, but a little slow an unpredictable.

Since the gang-box has a neutral though… I’m going to replace the SC7 with a wall mounted Amazon Fire Table with ActionTiles (of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Bonus: Amazon Fire Tablet has “Alexa” built-in (press and hold the home button!).


Two of mine control the bedside lamps, ceiling fans and their lights. I have a third minimote that I specifically use to test the action blocks in coRE and webCoRE.

(Dave N) #11

I have a bedside one for lights and uptting the house to sleep/turning on the alarm. The others are on the side tables for turning on/off and dimming the lights while watching the TV’s.

(Christopher Masiello) #12

I have mine by the front door. I have it controlling 3 lamps in my living room and opening my unattached garage. I have a second one lying around that I’m still waiting for inspiration to use.
Having 2 Amazon echo’s in the house limits their usefulness a bit.

(JBrown) #13

Side of bed to turn on the coffee maker on the weekend.

(Paul) #14

Thanks everyone for the tips. I ended up putting them next to the bed to turn off and on bedroom lamps and bedroom fan. Although I have an echo in the room, it is nice to turn them on or off without having to talk at night.

(Paul Haskins) #15

I have one that I mainly use to activate an external spotlight - actual switch (zwave) is not handy.

Originally I would use it to turn off lghts I left on, garage,basement, outdoors. With action tiles and Alexa I use that less or not at all.


I don’t have enough hand control to physically use a minimote, and my service dog can’t use it either, but we do keep one to more easily do exclude/include of classic zwave devices that are more than one hop from the hub. :sunglasses:

(Matthew Valeri) #17

We use ours as a “panic button” for my wife. Sits on the bedside table and is connected to the siren that sits between the front and storm doors. All buttons activates or turns off the siren. The placement of the siren allows it to be heard (and lights seen) inside and outside the house.

(Michael) #18

We have two. One upstairs in the toddler’s bedroom to control the reading lamp so we don’t have to get up from the rocking chair after reading books at bedtime. We can easily dim the light and then eventually turn the light off as we get closer to bedtime. I had to “de-program” the buttons a bit once she figured out it was fun to push buttons. So now all four buttons do basically the same thing…only change the state of her light.

The second is down in the master bed that controls the bed side lamps, front porch light, as well as fire off the “Goodnight” command to shut the house down for the night. This way I don’t have to walk through the house turning any random light off…push a button and done.