Battery use and polling for SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (GP-U999SJVLCAA)

I have read around a bit and @JDRoberts and I have discussed it. But maybe I am missing something. I have several of these

And they are reporting temperature changes all the time and just draining the battery.

I have not found a way to turn off this temperature reporting to conserve battery power. Any suggestions?

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I have the same sensor, and have a similar looking history page. I installed it about a year ago now, and so far have yet to change the battery. It’s still showing 70% (not that battery percentage have ever been particularly reliable).

I think there was a firmware update for these a few months back. Do you have (Zigbee) firmware updates turned on? If so, has this device received the update (you can check the version in the IDE)?

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Good suggestion. I believe mine are all updated.

Maybe the battery usage is not an issue. But the battery percentage seems to be dropping faster than I expected for ALL of the devices.

That’s the same version mine is running, with a similar update time.

What kind of battery life have you gotten so far?

All of the sensors were installed at about the same time. But some seem to be draining the battery much faster.

And it SEEMS that the devices that are in a more temperature controlled environment, the Crawlspace sensors, may not be broadcasting as much. And the devices where the temperature changes often, the kitchen (Refrigerator), are draining faster.

that is a great screenshot of sorted batteries. What is the app or path to that interface, this is the new API? Do you have a reference document how to get that display?

To me, the frequent temperature updates are just unnecessary noise - it would be nice to eliminate it.

It’s called Simple Device Viewer…you can search here…easy to install and very useful

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Also, ActionTiles and SharpTools both provide dashboards that are fully customizable

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that’s odd - I use Simple Device Viewer and my list of batteries is text only. My smart-app must be old version.