Battery powered remote for single gang box?

I am currently looking for a battery powered remote switch/button which can be mounted to a single gang (US) box. It will be used to control multiple lights in living room. I have a set of lutron caseta (wall mounted switch, pico and bridge) for my kitchen, I thought the pico was the perfect remote that I am looking for. But as we konw, pico does not work with ST (without middle-man).

I did go through the full list of buttons but still cannot find a suitable one. Cooper has a similar RF remote (RF9500AW I guess), but I am not sure if it could work directly to ST independently (without pairing to other wall mounted switch).

Since I have already had the Lutron bridge (not pro), I am thinking to add a set of lutron caseta plug-in switch. I could use its pico to control the plug-in switch and the ST could read the status of that plug-in switch for other use.

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I like this idea, let us know how it works out.

Looks like it does work independently.

See the following recent discussion (this is a clickable link)

Also, GE/Jasco has a number of new zwave devices scheduled to come out in June which will be very similar in form to picos. They should work directly with SmartThings, but we will have to wait to see to be sure. So that’s just something else to be aware of if you’re willing to wait.

Thank you so much for the comments. That post answers all of my questions. And also thank you for the full list of buttons post. It is very informative.

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I have 6 of these and they mount over the top of an existing switch. They are not really a dimmer but a zigbee button.

Did you end up going this route? If so, is it working well for you? I think I might attempt this since I have an extra Lutron plug-in and pico remote.

I did not use Lutron. I used Eaton/Cooper RF9500AW instead ($44 from amazon), mainly because Eaton/Cooper also has the regular single pole or three way switch with same design (They call it ‘Aspire’). I just mixed RF9500AW with four regular switches (See the attached pic). They look perfect.

It was tricky to add device handler of RF9500AW , but once I did it, it worked very well. I assign three buttons to control three areas’ lighting. The only complain I would say is if I repeatedly press the button too quickly, sometime ST does not get it correct. (For example, you turn off the light and immediately want to turn it on, ST usually cannot pick up the second pressing. I think Lutron would not have this issue).

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