Battery powered flood light plus ST integration?

I’ve looked for a few hours online, and can’t seem to find a way to connect a battery powered floodlight to SmartThings. We are leasing, so installing hard wired floodlights isn’t an option.

We literally have a front porch light and a light by the back door, and it’s a 3,500 SF home. It’s insane. Really need more flood lights to feel more secure. Thinking 2 each in the front and 2 in the back (on the corners). And 2 more on the sides(at the midpoint).

What’s the most cost effective way to set up battery powered flood lights with zigbee/z-wave capability?

I’ve checked into the ring line of flood lights, but I don’t think they will integrate well with SmartThings (because they want to push their own security system offering).

And I’ve seen a z-wave relay added to flood lights, but only for hard wired flood lights. Again, hard wiring is not an option. I guess The downside of being an early adopter is that sometimes you have to create your own solutions :wink:

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.

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I haven’t tried one but perhaps the Arlo security light?

The Arlo Security Lights do not work directly with Smartthings, but I believe that they work well on their own without requiring Arlo base stations or cameras. They come with a bridge that connects to your wifi and then communicates to the lights with a plug in hub using bluetooth. They turn on with motion detection, and with the latest firmware, they have a dusk to dawn feature. You will have to set up an Arlo account to use them but there are no fees. I have six of them and love them. Plus they have been on sale on Amazon and elsewhere for about 50% off.


You won’t find many Z wave or zigbee battery powered lights because they run through batteries too fast.

Mr. beams has always been my favorite outdoor lights, but that’s exactly who ring bought for their new line.

If you can wait until mid April to take a look at them, if they can be turned on and off with an echo routine, which sounds likely, then you can use echo as the “man in the middle“ to control the lights.

Here’s the product:

And here’s the community FAQ on how to use echo as a “man in the middle”

That would probably be the way I would go.

Actually, arlo recently (in the last week, maybe) added smartthings support to the official integration. The lights show up as bulb (basic on /off, but not rgb, unfortunately) and motion sensors.
(The Alexa integration let’s you set color too.)

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