Battery Life

I bought the v2 hub starter with an addition of a water sensor, also the Samsung one. Noticed that batteries are wearing now and in my app giving me warnings. So reading through posts on no Energizer and different types of batteries. Mine has the 2450 Panasonic. Thinking just get the same for now, but have a question on this. How accurate is the battery life indicator? Is it only in the app where you get that info or does it also show on the device itself somehow? For instance, my motion sensor shows 1% in app, but there is no light indicator on the device itself.


Thanks much.

Only battery reporting is within the app itself and it’s terrible to say the least. DO NOT rely on its reporting correctly, I’ve had sensors die in the 80% and report perfectly for weeks at 1%.

There are SmartApps which can report to you if a device stops reporting for so long, so you can change the battery.

In terms of makes if batteries, I personally stick with the same as they’re shipped with. Some of them MUST take the labelled makes because some of the coin cells are actually physically thicker than others, if you buy the wrong brand, it won’t make contact with the battery terminals inside the device.


Can you share which smart app?

I would like to know also what smart app.