Battery ID

It would be nice if the device handlers for battery powered devices not only reported a correct battery life but also reported what kind of batter is needed. e.g. 2032, 2450, etc.


That would be nice. I created a spread sheet to keep track.

I did too. But I forgot the one sensor where I have to climb a 16-foot ladder to replace the battery … and I guessed wrong. It is definitely in the spread sheet now.

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Wouldn’t it be just as easy to google “what kind of battery does …take?”

Easy … but not “just as easy”!

These are called smart Things; so I think we should expect and be as innovative, clever, helpful, and thoughtful as possible (oops… it was Nest marketing that first used the kicker "The thoughtful home."™). Frankly, a low battery status should automatically offer to put replacement battery in your Amazon shopping cart. I am absolutely not kidding.