Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Arrival Triggers Solutions?


Reader digest answer is yes, whenever any one of the 3 presence goes to arrived the lights turn on. That is because I selected to turn on when someone arrives. It’s not shown but I have also restricted it to between sunset and sunrise.

Long answer. There are probably lots of ways to do this. Here is what I am doing just for your reading.

The 3 presence you see above are actually virtual presence devices. They are controlled by a smart app called Reliable Presence. It takes multiple real presence devices phone, FOB, Life360, WiFi detection (whatever). It combines these into 1 presence. This is to increase reliability. In that if one real presence device (say FOB ) sticks in on or off state. When any other of the real presence devices change. The virtual one is changed to match the one that left or arrived. Vice being stuck in a state because say the FOB battery died, or phone presence is acting up.
We use phone presence and the FOB in my system.

Hope that makes sense. See this thread for more info.

Please ask more questions if you think of something else.