Basic Z wave thermostat for Uk

Has anyone found a basic wall thermostat that works and plays nicely with St ? i dont need zones or timers just to simply replace my existing square circular dial thermostat with something that ST can control ( up/down) if you think about it using a simple zwave stat with ST it becomes a NEST thermostat in lots of ways

To be honest i am not even that interested in fancy geo location for house heating… its more to do with the stat on the wall looking at me at night and annoying me its not integrated in even a basic manner

any suggestions ??

it depends just how basic you want to go :slight_smile:

For my conservatory (underfloor heating) I just use a fibaro relay (on/off) in place of the thermostat
I covered the hole with a on/off switch (with an led to show if on or off) This gives me manual control if I want it or smartthings if offline

Then I use a couple of temperature sensors built into the smartthings contact sensors to tell what the temperature is I use an app to get an ‘average’ for this reading - One of the sensors is stuck to a metal skylight frame so I almost get a reading for outside too (if it’s really cold outside this lowers the average so the heating is on longer if it’s colder outside)

I then wrote a little app to control everything…

Obviously this does not give you easy control over temp adjustment but I find that once set, (which admittedly took a while to get right) I don’t mess with it…
How often do you change the setting on your Stat? (and you can always change the temp in the app)

I also have a virtual button that gives me a ‘boost’ for an hour or so when switched on… also this can be controlled by an Alexa routine…
So… I have it set up to say: “Alexa, I’m cold” and it puts the heating on for an hour :slight_smile:

The main advantage of all this is that you can put a temp sensor anywhere you like… not just in the cold hallway
I also has an enable/disable virtual switch so I can easily turn it off in the summer.

I have a netatmo thermostat which is really pi$$ing me off… trying to guess when I want the heating on…
I’m thinking about removing that and putting another Fibaro there.

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Not simple enough Cobra and wouldnt work for us. We have a basic stat and it serves its purpose well. Timer in airing cup, boiler in garage. Rads only with no underfloor heating. If we get cold stat gets spun round to 20 ish. Trouble is me and the Mrs have different views on what a comfortable temp is. A NEST stat would cause arguements and continuous adjustments. A dumb zwave stat not much more than on off but with temp sensing so it trips at say 20 if set is all our situation needs, everything i have seen so far on the net wants to be all singing all dancing, there is a need for a simple replacement that even resembles whats there now, a simple dial but controled by zwave which can then report back to st and be controled in a basic fasion or with smart apps, more complex ways
And battery powered just does not do it for me, it needs to use the same connections already in the wall which the majority of Uk homes already have for basic stats

if you have live, neutral & switched live at your thermostat you could replace it with a Fibaro and an illuminated switch
This is pretty much what I will do once I convince the wife how crap the Netatmo is.

Then I’ll use ST temperature sensors around the house to tell the Fibaro to switch on/off

I will still have my timer connected to the boiler and I will use the illuminated switch for manual control if ST is ‘offline’ for whatever reason. (the switch just tells the Fibaro to turn on/off)

Can’t get much more basic than that :slight_smile:

Nah you can Andy, i just need a zwave stat that utilises the standard in place stat wiring. Simply remove replace, it must have a basic spin wheel for control for that important WAF and nothing more