Bali Motorized Blinds Power Supply Specs

Did Zebrablinds go out of business??

This is a note about the Bali micro-USB pinout, and also about using a Somfy rechargeable battery:

  1. Several people above commented that they couldn’t figure out the micro-USB pins and just cut and re-used the micro-USB cable from their battery pack. That’s the right answer. I found out that the Bali/Somfy micro-USB plug on the battery pack only has two (red and black) wires, but the micro-USB jack coming from my blinds had four wires going into the circuit board (red, black, green and white, if I recall). In other words, the micro-USB is proprietary, so the easiest way to deal with it is to cut off the battery pack cable and run your DC into it from a rechargeable battery or hardwired supply. I tried a standard micro-USB pigtail and like all of you, it didn’t work.

  2. I got some Somfy rechargeable battery packs cheap off eBay, and they use a JST connector. I soldered a JST cable to the harvested micro-USB plug from the battery pack. ( (EBOOT 20 AWG JST Plug Connector 2 Pin Male Female Plug Connector Cable Wire)

  3. If you just want to keep using lithium batteries, the cheapest Energizers are at Sam’s Club.

  4. To state the obvious, I hate pairing these blinds. It’s no wonder so few people get into smart home stuff.

I ordered my usb connector from China as I could find no product here (yes, I could cut one off as you did) so I could remove it in case I had to and sure enough this year, I had to temporarily remove it, so that was well worth the initial hassle. I also paired it with an efficient power supply (I’m anti battery that powers two blinds and a ZOOZ relay. As with you, the paring process is a pain, - especially with the remote to set the upper and lower limits. I finally gave that up. Defiantly much harder to install the blinds that fit within the window frame than those that fit in front of the windows as well…

Need some help with what you are suggesting. I have found the Somify to be cheaper but having trouble finding a fix for the connector as the ones with somfy have the 2 or 3 pin connector and my blinds have the micro usb. Even if i cut the usb out, you ae saying there are 4 wires. How are we connecting to the 2 pin or 3 pin?

I have been using the EBL batteries from Amazon which are tad bit bigger than standard AA but fit nicely however they have quality issues and I lose one of the 8 with each charge and with approx. 13 blinds that quickly is becoming a pain. I also tried contacting Bali and was told wouldn’t sell me directly and to go through the vendor, which I called and spoke to Spring Shades but been 2 weeks to hear back. Somify option is easily available except for the connector and when I called them, they also advised to just call Bali and didn’t offer a connector that could work.

So regardless of the number of pins and wires, there are only two pins that are actually doing anything…ground and Vcc. Everything else is actually either not really doing anything or tied to one of these two.

Can you post some photos?

haven’t started splicing anything yet as in research stage but was looking at the above post and considering 4 wires vs 2 wires. However just found this on you tube and wondering this is what you are mentioning but then would have to worry about polarity as well.

If you got the Somfy battery packs just cut the USB off that. They only have to wires and red and black. You connect that to your power source.

Yes I harvested (cut off) the USB plug from my 8 AA battery pack, and then I joined the red from the JST cable to the dashed wire from the USB plug (and black to the other). (I knew it was red = dashed because inside the end of the battery pack there is a small circuit with red and black wires hooked the same way.)

When I say there are four wires on the female plug going into the blind: I can see them inside the plastic housing where the USB female wire goes into the blind. In other words, Bali takes two wires from the male (battery pack) part of the cable and somewhere inside the cables, they connect the two wires to the four wires. The connection could be inside the male plug or the female plug. You could probably disassemble the plastic housing and use an ohmmeter to trace the connections to determine how to do the soldering in the YouTube video you posted.

Sorry, I have not read the thread thoroughly so not sure what you are trying to accomplish. I thought maybe you were just trying to get power to the shades.

I think we would only be able to use the two wires. At least that it all I used for powering.

Maybe Somfy uses the others for the programming of the motor initially with their software.

I think that is probably the standard USB pin out on the female side.

is there a white JST cable or any micro usb to JST conversion? My brackets are visible when blinds are open or can also be seen from outside all the time. Wanted to keep it uniform white. Having JST cables black and red won’t be aesthetic looking. Any thoughts?

Well, you should probably not have the individual wires exposed so what I would suggest is some heatshrink tubing. You can find lots of this on Amazon and it comes in many different colors including black and white in a variety of diameters. I prefer the marine grade stuff because it is UV stable and has some sealant inside the tubing that activates when you heat it to seal eveyting nice and tight.

Here are a couple examples:

The only consideration is if you have to put it over the JST connector vs. only the wires. Usually you would get some tubing that is the size of just the two wires together (say 1/4" or less) but that assumes the assembly isn’t complete already (i.e. spliced or soldered). If you have to get tubing that will slide over the JST connector or other it may not shrink down tight to the wires.

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I bought the white extensions cable that you could order (i think it was either Costco or HomeDepot that offered this), out it in raceway and then ordered a screw on connector for the less pretty wiring). This allowed me to remove the blinds for Maintenace needs, without removing the wiring.

Can you explain as to what you did? is your connection usb to usb or JSt to usb

Also are these compatible. 10pcs Upgraded Tiny Whoop JST-PH 2.0 Male and Female Connector Cable for Battery JJRC H36 H67 Blade Inductrix E010 E013 : Toys & Games

These were what i used: EBOOT 20 AWG JST Plug Connector 2 Pin Male Female Plug, they look a little different than the one you posted.

I soldered the red to the dashed half of the micro-usb cable i had cut from the battery pack. If you don’t have a battery pack to get a cord from then based on the discussions above, nobody seems to know how to connect the black and red wires from the JST cable to standard micro-usb since the stock cable ends up with four wires inside the blind housing, but if you pry open the housing, you should be able to use an ohmmeter to determine how to solder a standard micro-usb.

This is probably how it is pinned out… test accordingly

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So for my setup with Bali blinds and mini usb from blind with all white and using the somify rechargeable, why cant we just wire the usb to the battery end. use the usb from the battery packs from the relodable battery packs from the older version which only has 2 wires red and Black.

I am wondering still as to why look for JST and not just do USB. The Somfy battery pack I Just received has 2 wires, “white only” and “white with gray dashed” The 8 alkaline battery pack that came with the Bali blinds has micro-USB that is also 2 wires red and black. Why don’t we just splice the USB end from the old battery pack and replace the JST end of the Somfy battery pack with as suggested above red to the dashed one and black to the white one. it will be the least difficult if it works. Any suggestions, corrections? We don’t have to open the housing or anything else.

I didn’t want to remove the JST plug from the battery pack because 1) there’s power coming out of it and it could be dangerous if the wires touch each other and 2) then you can’t use the battery pack as intended in the future. Same thing for the plug coming from the blind, I’d rather leave it in case you want to use it. So I simply made a connector using, as you said, from the old battery pack and the JST plug I listed above from Amazon. Yes, that ruins the battery pack, but that is more easily repaired if you wanted to go back.

What are the specifics of the JST as there are many and looking to find something from China that is white. Found some on AliExpress but need more specifics before ordering. How to specify the size for the JST?