Backup A Hub?

Can I or do I need to make a backup of a Hub? As far as I know, the hub’s configuration is in the IDE or Cloud.

Or would I need to start from scratch and reconnect every device?

I searched for an answer but the last I found was a year old.


Unfortunately the answer you found still applies: impossible to backup your hub. If something goes wrong you start from scratch.


That’s a feature that would keep me a SmarThings user, too.

Hubitat offers hub backup and restore, and you can choose if and when to upgrade the firmware.

I was just wondering and I don’t know the answer myself.

Do the Zwave and Zigbee devices have a fixed address similiar to the MAC address on a WIFI device?

If so, couldn’t one make a list of the address’s and the DTH’s used for each device. Then in the event of a hub replacement manually enter that data in the IDE? It would still be a pain, but maybe easier than the alternative.

Just kinda wondering.

Joining is more than linking the network addresses - there is a secure key exchange.

Otherwise anyone could go around and steal access to other ZigBee and Z-Wave networks.

Unlike a WiFi access password, the key exchange protocol is purposely automated - something more like WPS, but hopefully without the security vulnerabilities.