Back up automations on new app

Is there a way to auto back up automations to make sure they run?

Do you mean something like this?

Routines don’t exist with the new app, it’s scenes now so this won’t be helpful with the new app just yet. [CLASSIC] Routines Backup - Verify/double check your routine execution, notify and take actions

So this wont work on the new app yet?

Would like something to verify sthm has turned off noonlight when the mode changes to disarmed

First one, yes, second one, no. STHM controls isn’t possible, it’s one of those long todo’s on ST’s list.

Darn, my home security wasn’t disarmed one morning and I had to deal with that when I tripped the alarm

Could it control a virtual device used to control sthm?

Looks like the smartapp doesnt have a disarmed mode?