Awning problems

I have bought a house a few years ago and it has an awning roof above the terrace. It is remote controlled by a SIMU remote, what uses the 433.42 Mhz frequency and has some method to pair the controller with the remote. (What I have found before it has a jumping code solution for safe control, so no option to hack something to it.)

And that’s where my problem starts. The installation of the awning and the controller is a remarkable product of the Eastern European professionalism.

I have two cables coming out of the outside wall, which has styrofoam cover for insulation as well. One of them is, I assume, the wiring for the motor only, should be 4 wires. The other, I guess, is the antenna of the controller, probably a SIMU one, but that cannot be confirmed (yet).

The big question, how long are usually the antenna cables for this find of devices, or is it something else?

I cannot see any junction box neither inside or outside of the wall, so must be somewhere under the styrofoam, but a good knowledge would be useful to know how deep I should cut through to reach it.

I have a zwave blind controller already what I would fit there on top of the current controller or just replace it. I haven’t decided yet.

From anyone who has worked with any of these older controllers and has any knowledge what sizes they have and the length of the antenna, that information would be really valuable for me.

Or any advice how not to damage the wall and the controller meanwhile trying to access it…


Personally I would hack into the remote, easier and less damage, who knows what you’d find on the motor side, maybe nothing useful at all?

No option as the remote has to be paired to the controller and I would preferably like to keep the remote intact without any modifications.

Could that black wire be for some kind of manual control panel that could have (or should have) been installed? What’s on the end of that wire?

That is what I guess the antenna of the controller. The other end should be the controller inside the styrofoam or even the brick wall… :confused:

Seems kind of large for an antenna though, doesn’t it? Can you pull the end off that cable, or is it a glued on?

It was glued on, or might be just a shrink tube. But when pulled off, it is just a copper wire inside. It must be the antenna for the controller.

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Ok, then you definitely have a challenge! I hope you don’t have to open up that wall.

Eventually I did. I cut a hole into the styrofoam starting from the antenna. First just a small to pull the antenna then a bigger one as it has turned out that there was a caveat for the module and the AC wiring.

This was at the beginning with the small hole.

I have wired then the zwave module between this module and the motor. So the remote control still can be used (almost) as before.

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