Auxiliary Zwave switch on different circuit?

I want to extend a switch to the back entrance of my room. I have power over there, but no wiring for the switch. If my light is on a Z-Wave switch is there a device I could purchase that looks like a flipper switch, but just really is remotely calling the Z-Wave light?

The short answer is sure, there are quite a few zwave switches that can be wired so that they do not control the circuit they are connected to but just send a radio message to the hub which then sends a radio message to the master switch on a different circuit. So that part is easy. these days people use these quite commonly for control of smart bulbs, but they will also work for a “virtual three-way.“

In particular, both Inovelli and Zooz have some models that can be configured in this way.


By “flipper” did you mean a rocker or a toggle?

In this photo, the “before“ switches are toggles and the “after“ switches are rockers. :sunglasses:

(BTW, in home automation “button” has a different and specific meaning, which I don’t think is what you intended, so I changed your topic title. A switch is an actuator and can be turned on and off with an automation. A button is technically a sensor, and cannot be turned on and off with an automation. But I believe you just meant the accessory switch in a three-way, right?)

The Zooz ZEN21 will work great for that purpose. Let us know if you need detailed programming instructions and we’ll be happy to send them over!

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Thank you for your reply. I think that may be the device, maybe?!?

Yes, by button, I do indeed mean the traditional flat rocker switch.

And yes, I guess I’m asking about a “virtual” three-way. There is no wiring in the sense of a traditional three-way. I have a few of those and they use the GE Z-WAVE dimmer switch paired with GE Z-WAVE add-on switch. Which as they are on the same loop, nothing is required in the software. Those work perfectly.

For sake of simplicity, my issue is I have a traditional rocker switch “A” that doesn’t do anything at the moment of importance. I also have a Z-WAVE rocker switch “B” installed and working fine.

I want to replace switch “A” so that it still visually looks like a rocker switch. However, in execution it is really just triggering an action of Z-WAVE Switch B.

I don’t care whether pressing this new device triggers some activity (i.e. pressing up triggers “turn on Switch B”) or if somehow I just assign within the app to be remote for Switch B.

If it isn’t called a button, what would this device be called? A remote control? Any model in particular, and can I pair with other switch makers as long as they all work on SmartThings and recognized as a z-wave switch?

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So this Zen21… would that fit the clarified description? I need to program it? Is this how I would essentially assign it so that pressing up triggers my other z-wave device to turn on and pressing down triggers it off? If so, yes, I’d love some instructions. That would be awesome.

There’s no shorthand for it, but it would be called an auxiliary switch in a virtual three-way. Or some manufacturers would call it an accessory switch in a virtual three-way.

While it is possible to do this with almost any switch through wiring, it’s easiest to do it with either the inovelli red line or one of the Zooz switches from the Smartest House.

Both have staff members who participate in this forum, so I will leave it to them to go into details. :sunglasses:

@Eric_Inovelli @TheSmartestHouse

Very excited. I’m placing an order for a sample right now. I’ll need like a dozen or so eventually. Replacing Wink Relays after Wink went off the deep end yesterday and announced fees. Ironically, I had both a Wink Hub and SmartThings v2 Hub at one point, but relays wouldn’t work with ST. Just ordered the v3 and looking forward to coming back…

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Yes, definitely. You would just replace switch A with the ZEN21, connecting it to Line (power) and neutral only (Load and Traveler wouldn’t be connected). Then you would run a simple automation in the Smart Lighting app to mirror switch B with switch A so they would always be in sync and whenever you turned switch A (ZEN21) on, then switch B would be on and whenever you would turn switch A off, switch be would be off and vice versa. The mirrored behavior would keep them in sync.

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